Bye Bye Cavs

few people believed that the c's have what it takes to even make it to the eastern conference finals. yet here we are looking at a magic-celtics eastern conference finals after the boston celtics defeated the cavs in game 6.

this defeat just shows that one superstar is not enough to carry a team to the promised land, not even if you are a phenom like lebron james. i'll take a win over a triple double anyday anyway.


Dangers Involving A Ski Vacation

The world is not a safe place; that is if you are not careful. Accidents can happen anytime like during skiing holidays. Since skiing is a demanding activity to the body, there are several things that could go wrong in terms of bodily injury. Also, there are other several things that could go wrong on a skiing trip hence you have to arm yourself with information on how to avoid dangers aside from ankle sprains and similar injuries.

Ski slopes are sometimes crowded especially during those times of the year when many a people would go out for their skiing trip. This makes the slopes like a speedway full of speeding cars. If you are not careful, you could end up getting hit by someone hurtling towards you from behind, or worse, be the one out of control and wreaking havoc down the slopes.

In every skiing destination, there are instructors who would tell you what and what not to do while skiing. For beginners and even intermediate skiers, it is strongly recommended that they follow these instructions to the letter. This simple action could help save you from broken bones and crushed ego.

Another hazard which can be easily dealt with is the environment. Frostbite and hypothermia are two of the major concerns of every skier with regards to the environment. To deal with this, you have to be prepared prior to your trip. Pack clothes which are designed to keep you warm.

Know your limits. Skiing is something you cannot learn in one hour or even a day for most people. Do not push yourself especially if you are just a beginner. Remember that you do not own the slope and any wrong move on your part could injure others and not just yourself.

Be aware of your environment all the time. Keep away from roped-off area. They are closed for a reason. When overtaking other skiers, don't cut too close to them. They cannot see you and if you pass to close to them at about the same time they decided to make left or right turn, you could both end up in a heap of aching joints and bloody noses.

Yes, just like every other physical activity, there are risks involved during skiing. But these risks/hazards/dangers can easily be avoided, and that's what you should always keep in mind.