nba, where funnies happen

kinda bored in the office. surfed the net. googled funny nba pics. got these funny nba pics to share:

yup, it says so right there... owned!

let me help you up cp. :D (or is that a wedgie?)

no wonder jordan retired again...

d-wade knows your weak points guys...

kobe fans must be loving this photo

ref: what the hell is dwight doing?

ira newble doing his best shawn michaels imitation

right on the money!

and karl malone is not exactly a small guy

can anyone tell me what is going on here?

what's so funny shawn?

it's all about what's in front of the jersey huh?


lebron: surprise! hahahaha


sam i am, what's this dance called?

h2o: hey coach, need help?


again, hahahahahaha

yao: plant the freakin' bomb!

yao: tell me how my armpit tastes.

photoshopped but i feel the need to add these here:

much love going on in the lakerland:

and this will never be complete without this:


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clippers’ eric gordon gets nba to take notice and we didn't

ny times did not get the memo though. just read new york times' story. not hating, just saying...


why do teams have to "rebuild"?

there are 30 teams in the nba today, how many of these are actually vying for a playoff spot? i count nine teams in the west. in the east, after the top four or five, every team has a chance to get to the playoffs except washington. but in reality, only three teams in the east are considered to be major contenders for the championship.

where are the rest? well, they are either hampered by injuries, rebuilding, or just plain crappy. while injuries could really hurt a team's chance to make a splash in the race for the championship, i don't think there should be any crappy team at all in the nba. therefore, there is no need for the so-called "rebuilding" program. no more waiting for two years just to have a chance to land a superstar.

why do teams stink in the first place?

is it because they are not talented enough? look at washington, i know you would agree that caron butler and antawn jamison are talented enough. i think even deshawn stevenson can ball, after all, he made it to the nba. how about mcgee? nick young? andray blatche? or even mike james? are these guys not talented? how come they are not yet replaced by any d-leaguer? because they are good basketball players. if they are not talented, then the team would have dropped them already.

ok, they are under contract. so what do you do with them? do you just wait until their contract is up? or do you find a way to make them play at their best to help your team? i would take the latter.

is the coach not the right fit for the team? could be. some coach are offensive-minded while others put a lot of emphasis on defense.

is the team playing a style not suited for the talents on the team? it could be another reason. some teams are loaded with guys who can run but are forced to play a halfcourt set. and there are also teams like the detroit pistons known for their defensive prowess but are forced to run with allen iverson on their midst.

why are there perennial bottom dwellers?

how come the grizzlies are still struggling even if they already have a great wingman in rudy gay, a solid low post player in marc gasol, and a high-scoring guard in o.j. mayo? is it because they lack leadership? probably. are they too lazy? i would prefer not to think that they are. players are not playing their best basketball because it is not a contract year?

what i'm trying to say is that there are a lot of things that could contribute as to why teams are struggling and would rather go on a "rebuilding" mode than to try to improve their team with what they have.

how about solutions?

is practice the answer? (pun intended) yes, i think so. all the players on a team should be on the same page. they do not have the luxury to talk about things like that when they are on the court. they do have a chance to bond together on practice sessions. coaches should also be with the team. can't they talk amongst themselves to see what kind of style they would be good playing at? i guess it can be done. i mean, these guys are professionals right? they are paid to work. so, they should do whatever it is they can to help the group.

here's another idea, make every player in a team role players. joe dumars did it with the 2003-04 pistons who went on to win the championship. each player has his own role to fill. ben wallace will be the enforcer in the paint, tay will be the flexible wingman, billups will be orchestrating plays after plays, rip will take care of most of the points, and rasheed will be his usual intimidating self.

under that system, if one complains that he is not getting a lot of touch thus not being able to showcase his scoring talent for a better paycheck, just point out ben wallace's case. did big ben score a lot of points while with the pistons? no. he did what he was supposed to do and he was good at it. that's the reason why he got that multi-million dollar contract from the bulls. teams are always looking for players who can provide what they need. who knows, the role you're really good at could also land you that fat paycheck?

it is said that offense wins games but defense wins championships. so, as a coach, why not instill in your players' mind that fact. playing defense is not boring. a steal or a block is rarer than a 3-point shot or a dunk so how come there are few players who choose to be active defensively than offensively? it must have something to do with showboating.

coaches then need to be true leaders. make your players understand the importance of team defense. if you can't learn to play good defense, you can play all your life in the nba and make millions upon millions but you will never get close to that chip. just as mike d'antoni.

is there a need to rebuild?

i don't think so. just like in life where you play the cards you are dealt, nba teams should also make do with what they have? sure, deshawn stevenson could not stop lebron james one on one. but if the wizards clamp down on the other four guys on the court, even a player as talented as lebron could not carry his team through a 7-game series.

look at the bucks. they have sessions, richard jefferson, charlie villanueva, andrew bogut, michael redd, luke ridnour, and mbah a moute. is that team loaded with talent or what? yet there are talks that the bucks should rebuild already.

in my humble opinion, if you find a role for each of these players they are happy to perform and they are equipped to handle that said role, you do not need a so-called "superstar" to make the playoffs and make a good run for that chip. detroit showed us that in 2004 right?

my fantasy basketball season down the drain

after snagging rodney stuckey, monta ellis and carlos boozer from the waiver wire, i thought i earned myself a trip to the playoffs. lo and behold, i'm still on the outside looking in. there are several things which add up to dash my hope for another run at a fantasy basketball championship this season.

1. chris paul's injury- i couldn't believe i benched chris paul for a week. well, not technically a week as it was the time before the all-star break. his production was sorely missed. i'm sure a lot of chris paul owners also had this problem.

2. letting wilson chandler go- a slump in one week made me prematurely decide that it was safe to dump chandler. after that, he got snagged immediately and he got back to his usual productive self. grrr.

3. jose calderon's hammy problems- without those frustrating hamstring problems to calderon, i think my team would have won more earlier in the season. to think i got him with my second pick. i'm a noob!

4. that scott skiles- if only he had played luke off the bench and made sessions the starter all year, i would surely be in the top four right now. and the bucks would have had a better record.

5. monta ellis- he's out two weeks again right? there goes my last hope.

6. carlos boozer's late return- i had to make do with marvin williams until boozer arrives. and now i don't think he'll be immediately back to his old 20-10 self.

7. al thornton's injury- not playing, no fantasy points

8. john salmons traded to bulls- brad miller and john salmons both got traded to the bulls. now, salmons may see his production go down.

9. stuckey struggling- and they thought he's the younger d-wade...

10. i'm still waiting for something to fill this spot. :D

so there you are, if you have a similar lineup as i do, better luck next season. :D


knicks might buy out marbury soon

i've been hearing this for the last couple of months and i can say that i'm sick of it. so, why post this here? well, it looks like finally, the knicks could get rid of stephon.

i'm not hating on stephon. i like his game. but i'm with q that you don't leave your guys on the court just because you have a beef with your boss. any person who has fought in wars would probably not leave his or her companions in the heat of the battle even if he has a major spat with his commanding officer.

i remember achilles "sitting out" some of the "games" against the trojans because of his quarrel with that agamemnon dude. but stephon, you're no achilles. well, you could be, achilles after being brought down by an arrow to the heel that is.

anyway, frank isola of knicks knation says that marbury could be gone after today (february 24).

if this happens, the knicks would have three available roster spots right? and it looks like they might take a chance on cheikh samb who was waived recently by the clippers. samb has been with the pistons, the nuggets, and the clippers this season alone. if signed, the knicks would be his fourth team this season. is that a record?

would donnie ever sign patrick ewing jr.? i mean c'mon, it's not like we can sign anyone that could make the team a legit championship contender. give the younger ewing a chance to play. i know the guy's known more for his defense than his offense but hey, the knicks need some a lot of defense.

thank you scott skiles

for giving ramon sessions a lot of playing time last time up against the nuggets. i was thinking that you would again let sessions rot in your doghouse after starting him against the cavs yet only letting him play 22 minutes while luke ridnour played 33 minutes.

i know sessions played poorly against the bulls but hey, even lebron or kobe has an off-night. also i know you are aware of what sessions is capable of doing. weren't you at that game against the pistons when he scored 44 points. also, i knew you were aware that sessions had 24 assists against the bulls last year.

did you not notice that you have been winning ever since sessions started playing point guard? maybe, just maybe, you could make a solid campaign to make the playoffs if you continue sessions and give him starter minutes. i hate to see the bucks not making the playoffs this year...again especially after seeing how hard sessions and villanueva have been playing as of late.


tomorrow, we go to war...

tomorrow, february 22, 2009, me and my comrades will go to war.

not an actual war actually but the bi-annual north versus south airsoft "game". so here i am hyped up about the game and it looks like i'm gonna make a post about my teammates as i have nothing to do..yet. i don't even know if i can find photos of my teammates but i'll give it a try.

here we go... this is team s.a.r.s. (sunrise airsoft renegade squad):
uncle is everyone's uncle on the team. he's our general for the north versus south game so we'll protect him with everything we've got. uncle is the unquestioned leader of the group. always ready to lend a gun or ammo.

jude law a.k.a. maskiano. this guy's our gunsmith. he knows almost everything there is to know about airsoft guns. you want to upgrade or fix your gun? just drop him a line.

by the way jude, would it be wise if i sell my thompson m1a1 then buy a famas f1? :D

that red markings? lol.. i don't know how to use photoshop. don't worry, that guy's got a profile of his own in this post.

lafituza. this guy's built like a football player but can run like a sprinter. he can do it all. speedball, cqb, jungle, milsim. a ladies' man this guy is. also, on the basketball court, lafituza's got quite a sniper-like accuracy. gotta love his j and spin moves.

butog. this guy's a master of the prey-stalking move. when playing against butog, always watch your back. you never know when he will appear out of nowhere and just tap you for a knifekill.

by the way, congratulations on the newly-born bouncing baby girl alvin.

freek. this guy's built like an nfl linebacker but can run with the best of them. he knows when to attack and when to lay an ambush. if you happen to play against this guy, don't ever think you're safe as long as he's in the game.

spy. hmmm... a picture paints a thousand words? :lol: peace arron. this guy can get close to you without you knowing. close enough to get you within range of his handgun. knows how to play the game and sticks to the rule. a real gentleman. :D

boncz and his love for the ak is well documented. i don't think this guy will pick up a gun not related to the russian armed forces. known for his sniping skills. also the team's gunsmith. knows almost everything about airsoft guns and their real steel counterpart.

the mentor. name any scenario for an airsoft game and i'll bet you, the mentor can do it. this guy uses his head a lot. leave it to him to find a way to breach a fortified building. known for his love of the local delicacy called "lomi". lol

chip. another ladies' man in the team. known for his all-around game. just like the rest of the guys, chip is at home in any scenario. has a future as a politician. :D am i right chip?

galog. he was already with the team even before i joined. another ladies' man (there's a lot of 'em on the team). no matter how tough the opposition is, you can always count on this guy. galog, hope you can join us tomorrow.

lostwarrior. don't argue. he wants it spelled that way. right heil? back from his rigorous training at fort bragg (just kidding), the lostwarrior is now back with the team for a while now. another guy who you would want to be by your side if you are in the battlezone.

jay. this guy can flat out run. he does more than that though as jay is also a great tactician. hope you can join us tomorrow jay. let's help protect the general. if the enemy run, maybe you can go after them. lol.

jb. sorry for the small photo jb. it's the best i can do as i can't access friendster from the office. :D jb and his ak-47 has been with the team for a while now and since he won't be able to attend tomorrow's game, i would be thinking of him all day long. lol (bakla, magkawat ka na sana! hahaha)

kuya albert. another tactician. he'll hit you when you least expect it. if you are up against him on the field, be one the alert at all times as there is no knowing when and how he will strike. see you tomorrow kuya albert.

kuya bunso. do not be fooled by the name. this guy's no one's little brother on the field. he's one togh guy you don't want to mess with. he has a special place in his gun's chamber for zombies. zombies beware, kuya bunso will be playing tomorrow.

the blood countess. this guy, i mean lady can play as well as the guys on the team. and yeah, she's better than me. get your gear on yonabelles and join us tomorrow!

russel. he plays by the rules and know how to handle himself in the game. like the rest of the guys, he will never back down from any challenge on the field. he can play every scenario you put in front of him.

another ladies' man is tadz a. known for his sniping skills. younger than me but a lot better at this game than me. may seem reserved at times but his boil is on the inside (what?!) (nasa loob ang kulo)(hehehe).

tadz g. the master of the crabwalk. known for his ability to slip through the defenses of the enemy. using his patented crabwalk maneuver, tadz g can get close to hostiles without them knowing. (ano tadz? kasag kasag sa aga?)

so there you are. these are just some of the guys i'm going to war with tomorrow. guys, let's give 'em hell!

a sequel is in the making. ;) (don't worry len, jad, and john as well as the rest of the guys... urulian na kaya)