tomorrow, we go to war...

tomorrow, february 22, 2009, me and my comrades will go to war.

not an actual war actually but the bi-annual north versus south airsoft "game". so here i am hyped up about the game and it looks like i'm gonna make a post about my teammates as i have nothing to do..yet. i don't even know if i can find photos of my teammates but i'll give it a try.

here we go... this is team s.a.r.s. (sunrise airsoft renegade squad):
uncle is everyone's uncle on the team. he's our general for the north versus south game so we'll protect him with everything we've got. uncle is the unquestioned leader of the group. always ready to lend a gun or ammo.

jude law a.k.a. maskiano. this guy's our gunsmith. he knows almost everything there is to know about airsoft guns. you want to upgrade or fix your gun? just drop him a line.

by the way jude, would it be wise if i sell my thompson m1a1 then buy a famas f1? :D

that red markings? lol.. i don't know how to use photoshop. don't worry, that guy's got a profile of his own in this post.

lafituza. this guy's built like a football player but can run like a sprinter. he can do it all. speedball, cqb, jungle, milsim. a ladies' man this guy is. also, on the basketball court, lafituza's got quite a sniper-like accuracy. gotta love his j and spin moves.

butog. this guy's a master of the prey-stalking move. when playing against butog, always watch your back. you never know when he will appear out of nowhere and just tap you for a knifekill.

by the way, congratulations on the newly-born bouncing baby girl alvin.

freek. this guy's built like an nfl linebacker but can run with the best of them. he knows when to attack and when to lay an ambush. if you happen to play against this guy, don't ever think you're safe as long as he's in the game.

spy. hmmm... a picture paints a thousand words? :lol: peace arron. this guy can get close to you without you knowing. close enough to get you within range of his handgun. knows how to play the game and sticks to the rule. a real gentleman. :D

boncz and his love for the ak is well documented. i don't think this guy will pick up a gun not related to the russian armed forces. known for his sniping skills. also the team's gunsmith. knows almost everything about airsoft guns and their real steel counterpart.

the mentor. name any scenario for an airsoft game and i'll bet you, the mentor can do it. this guy uses his head a lot. leave it to him to find a way to breach a fortified building. known for his love of the local delicacy called "lomi". lol

chip. another ladies' man in the team. known for his all-around game. just like the rest of the guys, chip is at home in any scenario. has a future as a politician. :D am i right chip?

galog. he was already with the team even before i joined. another ladies' man (there's a lot of 'em on the team). no matter how tough the opposition is, you can always count on this guy. galog, hope you can join us tomorrow.

lostwarrior. don't argue. he wants it spelled that way. right heil? back from his rigorous training at fort bragg (just kidding), the lostwarrior is now back with the team for a while now. another guy who you would want to be by your side if you are in the battlezone.

jay. this guy can flat out run. he does more than that though as jay is also a great tactician. hope you can join us tomorrow jay. let's help protect the general. if the enemy run, maybe you can go after them. lol.

jb. sorry for the small photo jb. it's the best i can do as i can't access friendster from the office. :D jb and his ak-47 has been with the team for a while now and since he won't be able to attend tomorrow's game, i would be thinking of him all day long. lol (bakla, magkawat ka na sana! hahaha)

kuya albert. another tactician. he'll hit you when you least expect it. if you are up against him on the field, be one the alert at all times as there is no knowing when and how he will strike. see you tomorrow kuya albert.

kuya bunso. do not be fooled by the name. this guy's no one's little brother on the field. he's one togh guy you don't want to mess with. he has a special place in his gun's chamber for zombies. zombies beware, kuya bunso will be playing tomorrow.

the blood countess. this guy, i mean lady can play as well as the guys on the team. and yeah, she's better than me. get your gear on yonabelles and join us tomorrow!

russel. he plays by the rules and know how to handle himself in the game. like the rest of the guys, he will never back down from any challenge on the field. he can play every scenario you put in front of him.

another ladies' man is tadz a. known for his sniping skills. younger than me but a lot better at this game than me. may seem reserved at times but his boil is on the inside (what?!) (nasa loob ang kulo)(hehehe).

tadz g. the master of the crabwalk. known for his ability to slip through the defenses of the enemy. using his patented crabwalk maneuver, tadz g can get close to hostiles without them knowing. (ano tadz? kasag kasag sa aga?)

so there you are. these are just some of the guys i'm going to war with tomorrow. guys, let's give 'em hell!

a sequel is in the making. ;) (don't worry len, jad, and john as well as the rest of the guys... urulian na kaya)