keys on the ignition: first post

first post.yey! i love sports although i get the feeling that the feeling ain't mutual. but that won't stop me from ranting about this and that sport.

i particularly like formula one and nascar, now, i am not giving one or the other preferential treatment. but to tell the truth, i have been a longer f1 fan than nascar. apart from these motorsports, i also like superbike and motogp, again, no preferential treatment although that may change if biaggi crosses the fence or rossi for that matter. biggrin

i also love basketball though am too short for the game, i think. i got this fantasy team at cbssports and i think the team's doing well, three wins and a loss is good enough for this guy. i also started watching the nfl especially now that it is close to superbowl season. although i am still in the process of getting to know more about the sport, i am aware that the new england patriots are favored. cool good times in boston huh? biggrin

and since i have mentioned boston, we cannot leave out the red sox. yes, i am a fan of the mlb too. it's just a shame that the league is under fire for the guys who took this and that substance. my stand on that? it's cheating really and i think the league should no doubt put into place more stringent regulations regarding these "substances". after all, it gets confusing on the record book if you put all those asterisk in there huh?

i have been a baseball fanatic for years now although i seldom watch mlb. i wanted to but i have to go to school and now am working so i get much info about the games over the net. in my college days i tried my hands on baseball and i found it to be a really cool sport especially when you're on the plate. i love the rush that i get everytime i step up to bat. btw, i played shortstop. biggrin

i also love boxing since a friend of mine always talked about the diazes, and mosley, and cotto, and.. you get the drift. i also like watching mma fights, it really is so intense. i would have tried a career in mma if i only have the built for it. unfortunately, (or fortunately?), i do not. lol

that's it for now. gotta sleep now.

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