buy a piece of a future major leaguer

if you have a fantasy baseball team, then i'm sure that you follow your player's performance day in and day out. yeah, i know how it feels like since i have a fantasy team of my own. but wouldn't it be far more exciting if you own a stock of a real player? idea

now you can invest on a player by the name of randy newsom. this guy has an economics degree from tufts and it seems that he is not disregarding his degree just to pursue a career in mlb. he and his friends seeks to ease the financial burden on guys like newsom looking for that spot in an mlb team roster

for $20 you will get to own part of the possible earnings of this guy who throw sidearm, hurls fastballs at high 80s, has a slider that runs and fastball that sinks. he was also an all star last summer in double-A. he is 25 years old and certainly has room for improvement.

newsom said that this is not about making money but about supporting a guy to make it to the major league. i bet, it would be really gratifying if this kid turns out he can hurl it like the pros and you have invested in him. you would also have the chance to get a part of his earnings if he makes it.

it would really be more exciting to follow this guy if you invest in him. uhmm, maybe espn can follow this guy's career huh?