nascar predictions

feeling kinda prophetic this day although i am not really good at this. biggrin and this is the time of the year when all teams are getting ready for the new nascar season. i signed up for fantasy racing at cbssports and i am really excited about the upcoming season. but before i get carried away as i always do , here are my predictions for the upcoming season:

  • junior will finally win a race: of course it is really obvious that since he is at hendrick motorsports, he will be breaking his winless streak
  • toyota will be better: what is it with toyota and motorsports huh? they have been racking up sales in the auto market, so much in fact that they are on track to overtake gm as the biggest automaker in the world, but they can't seem to take a win in f1 or nascar. this season, they have joe gibbs racing within their fold, expect better things to come from toyota.
  • dodge and ford will be back with a vengeance: last season, ford and dodge only managed to get a handful of wins or podium finishes for that matter. they have also been outclassed by chevy in races last year when the car of tomorrow was used, now the car of today. the teams have been awfully silent as to what they are doing with their cars. this does not mean anything but i got this gut feel that they will ba able to give a better fight this year.mrgreen
  • the international connection contending with the old guards: johnson, gordon, junior, the old names which have been associated with nascar for years now will be going up against newcomers like villeneuve and franchitti who have achieved much success on open-wheel racing. the fans' reaction to the arrival of these racing stars are lukewarm at best. with that i mean nascar's core fans. but me, i think this is good for racing but not good in the sense that the "locals" trying to get a seat in a nascar team have been displaced by the coming of these open-wheel racers. i think that the old guards will easily win over open-wheel racers.
so there they are, i don't know if these predictions will come true but then, these are just predictions. lol