piquet says all's good

last year, we all know what happened to mclaren. whew! early in the season, i was really thinking that that was the season where they would finally break ferrari fans' hearts. but how wrong i was. i can see three factors why the team failed to win it all last year. the first one of course is the spying scandal which took them out of the constructors' championship, the second is the bickering between alonso and hamilton or hamilton and alonso to some. the third is that the ice man is really that damn good!

the second factor will hopefully no longer be an issue for hamilton and alonso as they are now on different teams. hamilton stayed with mclaren (of course) while alonso went back to renault. hamilton now has kovy as his teammate while alonso has young brazilian nelson piquet jr., the son of nelson piquet sr. (naturally :D). i think kovy fits well with mclaren, after all, he will not be looking for the team to give him preferential treatment. in fact, he knows that he is operating in hamilton's world. hopefully, this year goes well for mclaren with kovy on board.

for renault, i think it will be the start of their climb to the top. although alonso has been portrayed as a crybaby, no one can deny his talent. without him, renault would not have realized that they have a really good car. so good in fact that it has beaten the two teams that has been mainstays at the top. add to that teh fact that piquet is willing to play second fiddle to alonso. yes, he said so. anyway, this is a good job on the part of piquet. by saying so, would people be thinking by the end of this year's season how good can piquet be if he is not forced to play second fiddle to alonso?

well, that's just a thought.. lolz..