ben wallace back with the pistons

big ben = intense

he's not gonna make them a championship contender, at least in my opinion. but it's a feel-good move by the detroit pistons to bring back big ben. mr. wallace hinted earlier this year that he might retire and that's what would have happened after the suns let him go after getting him from that shaq trade.

anyway, i think the pistons is still a team to be reckoned with at least on paper.

ben gordon: can score at will
rip hamilton: can flat-out shoot the effin' lights out coming off picks
charlie villanueva: kinda good
tayshaun prince: he's unhappy like rip but maybe big ben's presence can rekindle that tay fire
rodney stuckey: getting good but with gordon and hamilton in the backcourt, what would happen to him? ok, he's a pg and both rip and gordon play the 2 so this season could be a breakout year for him.

at least it's gonna be nice hearing that "gong" sound at the palace again.


january 25, 1933 – august 1, 2009


ramon sessions please join the knicks

just something to breathe life into this dead blog:

if you are ramon sessions reading this, please join the new york knicks. even for less money than you want, and yes, even for a single year. why? because you'll kick major ass with starter minutes in ny and that will certainly pave the way for a better payday for you. :D

just saying/blogging...


who's got the baddest f1 helmet?

the cars are not the the only sleek things in formula 1. there are kick-ass helmets too. anyone familiar with f1 knows that each driver has his own helmet. so, i did a bit of snooping around to bring you these f1 helmets.

giancarlo fischella will be suiting up again for force india this season and he'll be wearing this helmet for the 2009 season. not too shabby but not too great either.

adrian sutil, fisichella's force india teammate will be rocking this helmet this year. better than fisichella's in my opinion.

back with renault for the second year after his one-year stint with mclaren-mercedes, fernando alonso has this for this year. looks good but i think i will go with sutil's still.

heikki kovalainen would be looking to improve his last year's performance this season. hopefully, the helmet will not be the only thing he's changed for the better. it's tough but my mclaren bias means i'm picking this helmet over sutil's.

jarno trulli, still with toyota owns this really cool helmet. the design's simple but i have to go with it as i like the shape (lol). maybe it's shaped this way is to make room for trulli's long hair. maybe.

kimi raikkonen cannot make it back-to-back after losing his crown last year to lewis hamilton. the iceman though still know how to be in style even if he will be driving the number 3 car this year. kimi over trulli no doubt.

it was believed that lewis hamilton's helmet is yellow as a tribute to the late ayrton senna. the truth though is that it's yellow because it makes it easier for his father to see him while racng during his karting days. sorry lewis but kimi's got a better helmet than you.

nelson piquet will be playing second fiddle to teammate fernando alonso. but when it comes to the helmet, he owns alonso. not cool enough though to beat the iceman.

nick heidfeld may or may not be able to match kimi on the tracks but his cool helmet sure does beat kimi's. just check out the top view of this helmet:


robert kubica's got a great-looking helmet too. looks like bmw sauber has got everything covered. they've got a good car to compete with the big two dogs last year, in the first half at least, and they have the two coolest helmets in f1. it's a tie. and bmw sauber wins in the team department.

timo glock, you got a fine helmet too. too bad it's not enough to beat the bmw sauber duo. good luck with the season though.

these helmets were used last year but i think they deserve a spot here too:

takuma sato's helmet is just like his career in f1. not too great. but respectable still. after all, who am i to bash someone who's got a super license and is 6 ft tall.

jenson button finally has a car to drive this season. i hope he brings this helmet's look back.

rubens barichello's got this simple helmet. better than some of the helmets here in my opinion.

while nick heidfeld and robert kubica may have the best looking helmets in f1 but they ain't got nothing on moto gp's valentino rossi. best.helmet.ever.:

what i miss about the pba

before i became a fan of the nba, i'm an avid supporter of the pba or the philippine basketball association. today, i no longer know what teams are playing in the league or the players. well, i know alaska is still alaska and their coach is still tim cone. i don't know what happened but i guess it has something to do with the influx of foreign-born player playing in the league.

i do not have anything against them as they do have filipino blood in them. but there's something missing about the league when the ten best players are all born outside the country (just kidding). but really, looking back, the last time a true-blue filipino was named the mvp was way back in 2001 when danny ildenfonso took home that honor. sure, willie miller is a homegrown talent but he is of american descent.

with these players coming into the league, slots for filipino players declined as teams prefer fil-foreign players known for their athleticism and of course, the height factor is very much against the filipinos.

so now, while i enjoy following the nba, i miss the good old days when i religiously follow the pba. here are things i miss most about those days:

1. the three conferences. it's not like the eastern or western conference in the nba. it's more like a whole season divided into three sub-seasons (?) (hehehe). first is the all-filipino cup. then there's the commisioner's cup where teams can bring in an import. the third conference is the governor's cup where imports are allowed too. if a team takes the chip for the three conferences, they call it a grand slam.

2. the imports playing only for one team. i grew up with imports like sean chambers and lamont strothers. unfortunately, i wasn't able to see tony harris in action in the pba. what i like about these imports is that they stay with only one team. sean chambers brought two championships to alaska in that fateful 1996 run. lamont strothers on the other hand played only for san miguel.

3. the monikers/monickers. i so miss them that i made a list of pba players and their monickers. hahaha.. and here it is:

4th quarter man- jojo lastimosa
aerial voyager- vergel meneses
atom bomb- ato agustin
the captain- alvin patrimonio
captain marbel- kenneth duremdes
defense minister- jerry codiƱera
fortune cookie- atoy co
robocop- alvin teng
flying a- johnny abarrientos
the hawk- bong hawkins
the destroyer- rudy distrito
triggerman- allan caidic

4. the whole idea of watching the pba. i really miss the league. maybe one of these days, i'd start reacquainting myself with the pba. hopefully this will not be my last post about the local league.

big fan of garbagetime all-stars

yes i am. i follow gtas religiously along with slam and hibachi 2.0 and i just had a great laugh with their latest strip. i don't know if i can post it here so i'm just gonna direct you where you can see this funny piece. click here.


lewis hamilton likes bob marley too

macka b, you're right, everybody loves bob marley. even lewis hamilton. according to the youngest f1 champion ever: "before melbourne last year i watched a comedy while I was getting changed. i had my headphones on and was just laughing my head off. i don't listen to music at a race, but it's more because i need to be relaxed. if i did, it would be calming music like marvin gaye or bob marley."

i'm glad we agree on one thing lewis. because honestly, i don't think dropping your ex-girlfriend for nicole is such a "good" move. dude, she was with you when you were a nobody. but hey, i don't know what happened between the two of you so, i'm just gonna shut my trap and list down some of the people i know who loves bob marley.

1. me
2. lewis hamilton
3. brian grant (he's got a tattoo of the man)
4. moose (he's got this post)
5. serbia (well, a group of people) (they have this statue)
6. chicago bulls' luol deng
7. chicago bulls' joakim noah
8. atlanta hawks' al horford
9. a lot of musicians
10. me


got me a car seat

i don't hate my job. but sometimes i get to thinking that i'm in the wrong field. after all, i have a degree in automotive technology.

while i write a lot about cars and stuff night in and night out, i don't feel as if i'm using what i've learned back in college. so, to prove to myself that i do love cars and computers, i've gone and gotten myself a used car seat which i will be using as my computer chair. haha

next, i'll get me a set of headlights! hahaha

just a short post to clear my mind of ac condensers. haha

and no, i couldn't afford a sparco!


76ers acquire manny pacquiao

in case you haven't heard yet, manny pacquiao will be going up against ricky hatton. the match is slated to be held on may 2 this year. while hatton has started training for the fight, pacquiao decided to take his game to the nba. yup, the nba.

hahaha... manny's got a nasty crossover to pair up with his thunderous left straight!

tyson chandler post

pretty busy day at the office. gotta make this a quick post.

i'm pretty sure jeff bower is feeling relieved that the tyson chandler trade was rescinded after tyson tipped-in the winning basket against the bucks recently. at the said game, chadler grabbed 17 rebounds. while chris paul and david west are pretty consistent, i think it was the presence of the revitalized tyson chandler which fueled the hornets to take a 4-0 week. that trade was good for the hornets after all.

looking forward to a better second half of the season from the hornets.


nba, where funnies happen

kinda bored in the office. surfed the net. googled funny nba pics. got these funny nba pics to share:

yup, it says so right there... owned!

let me help you up cp. :D (or is that a wedgie?)

no wonder jordan retired again...

d-wade knows your weak points guys...

kobe fans must be loving this photo

ref: what the hell is dwight doing?

ira newble doing his best shawn michaels imitation

right on the money!

and karl malone is not exactly a small guy

can anyone tell me what is going on here?

what's so funny shawn?

it's all about what's in front of the jersey huh?


lebron: surprise! hahahaha


sam i am, what's this dance called?

h2o: hey coach, need help?


again, hahahahahaha

yao: plant the freakin' bomb!

yao: tell me how my armpit tastes.

photoshopped but i feel the need to add these here:

much love going on in the lakerland:

and this will never be complete without this:


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