who's got the baddest f1 helmet?

the cars are not the the only sleek things in formula 1. there are kick-ass helmets too. anyone familiar with f1 knows that each driver has his own helmet. so, i did a bit of snooping around to bring you these f1 helmets.

giancarlo fischella will be suiting up again for force india this season and he'll be wearing this helmet for the 2009 season. not too shabby but not too great either.

adrian sutil, fisichella's force india teammate will be rocking this helmet this year. better than fisichella's in my opinion.

back with renault for the second year after his one-year stint with mclaren-mercedes, fernando alonso has this for this year. looks good but i think i will go with sutil's still.

heikki kovalainen would be looking to improve his last year's performance this season. hopefully, the helmet will not be the only thing he's changed for the better. it's tough but my mclaren bias means i'm picking this helmet over sutil's.

jarno trulli, still with toyota owns this really cool helmet. the design's simple but i have to go with it as i like the shape (lol). maybe it's shaped this way is to make room for trulli's long hair. maybe.

kimi raikkonen cannot make it back-to-back after losing his crown last year to lewis hamilton. the iceman though still know how to be in style even if he will be driving the number 3 car this year. kimi over trulli no doubt.

it was believed that lewis hamilton's helmet is yellow as a tribute to the late ayrton senna. the truth though is that it's yellow because it makes it easier for his father to see him while racng during his karting days. sorry lewis but kimi's got a better helmet than you.

nelson piquet will be playing second fiddle to teammate fernando alonso. but when it comes to the helmet, he owns alonso. not cool enough though to beat the iceman.

nick heidfeld may or may not be able to match kimi on the tracks but his cool helmet sure does beat kimi's. just check out the top view of this helmet:


robert kubica's got a great-looking helmet too. looks like bmw sauber has got everything covered. they've got a good car to compete with the big two dogs last year, in the first half at least, and they have the two coolest helmets in f1. it's a tie. and bmw sauber wins in the team department.

timo glock, you got a fine helmet too. too bad it's not enough to beat the bmw sauber duo. good luck with the season though.

these helmets were used last year but i think they deserve a spot here too:

takuma sato's helmet is just like his career in f1. not too great. but respectable still. after all, who am i to bash someone who's got a super license and is 6 ft tall.

jenson button finally has a car to drive this season. i hope he brings this helmet's look back.

rubens barichello's got this simple helmet. better than some of the helmets here in my opinion.

while nick heidfeld and robert kubica may have the best looking helmets in f1 but they ain't got nothing on moto gp's valentino rossi. best.helmet.ever.: