lewis hamilton likes bob marley too

macka b, you're right, everybody loves bob marley. even lewis hamilton. according to the youngest f1 champion ever: "before melbourne last year i watched a comedy while I was getting changed. i had my headphones on and was just laughing my head off. i don't listen to music at a race, but it's more because i need to be relaxed. if i did, it would be calming music like marvin gaye or bob marley."

i'm glad we agree on one thing lewis. because honestly, i don't think dropping your ex-girlfriend for nicole is such a "good" move. dude, she was with you when you were a nobody. but hey, i don't know what happened between the two of you so, i'm just gonna shut my trap and list down some of the people i know who loves bob marley.

1. me
2. lewis hamilton
3. brian grant (he's got a tattoo of the man)
4. moose (he's got this post)
5. serbia (well, a group of people) (they have this statue)
6. chicago bulls' luol deng
7. chicago bulls' joakim noah
8. atlanta hawks' al horford
9. a lot of musicians
10. me