nba all-star reserves and west coach, named

byron scott and the new orleans hornet's coaching staff will be going to the all-star. oh well, all-star's happening in new orleans anyway. as i was saying, scott was named the west all-star's coach after the hornets posted the best record in the west although they are virtually tied with the suns.

suns' d'antoni though coached the west last year so he s not qualified for this year. then, dallas lost to boston which means that the best that the mavs can do is a tie with the hornets. in that case, the tie-breaker go to the "coach who most recently has not coached in the all-star game" according to nba.com. and since avery johnson coached the west in 2006, byron scott is the clear winner.

looks like cp3 got what he was asking for. when asked after they beat denver, chris paul said: "the only thing that's on my mind right now, to tell you the truth, is to get my coaches in the all-star game". well, he got that and more. cp3 and teammate david west were also named as reserves for the west all-stars. yup! the nba has named the reserves for both conferences which now gives us this year's lineup for east and west.

  • chauncey billups
  • chris bosh
  • caron butler
  • kevin garnett
  • richard hamilton
  • dwight howard
  • lebron james
  • antawn jamison
  • joe johnson
  • jason kidd
  • paul pierce
  • dwyane wade
  • carmelo anthony
  • carlos boozer
  • kobe bryant
  • tim duncan
  • allen iverson
  • yao ming
  • steve nash
  • dirk nowitzki
  • chris paul
  • brandon roy
  • amare stoudemire
  • david west

mir's comeback trail leads to lesnar

come feb. 2, the world will know (at least those who follow the ufc) if the old frank mir is back. mir is set to battle with the hulking brock lesnar. this fight is big, but it would have been huge if a motorcycle accident involving someone who looks like, talks like, and fights like frank mir did not happen.

back in 2004, the maine-iac tim sylvia reigns supreme in the heavyweight division but when he faced mir for the championship, mir broke his arm, literally. it took sylvia seven months to recuperate from that. meanwhile, after that win, mir was considered by many to be the future of the heavyweight division.

then, the motorcycle accident happened. it took mir almost two years to get back into shape to compete in mma. his first fight after the accident was a loss; the second, a win; the third a ko loss to brandon vera; then he lost to renato "babalu" sobral last year. after that, he took on hardonk and won by submission (kimura). that win had people thinking whether the old rank mir is back.

this upcoming fight is very important to mir as he surely wants to regain his title. but he has to get past the "next big thing".

interestingly, sylvia will also be fighting come feb. 2.

bobcats signed boykins

the second smallest player in nba history will soon see action again. earl boykins, all five feet and five inches of him (give or take) will be wearing a bobcats uniform when they face the warriors who also have their own returning nba player.

it would be interesting who would play better between the two returning players. it is also interesting to note that the returning big man passes like a pg while the small guy likes to shoot over big men. the game which will be on friday will also pit j-rich against his former team.

i think the warriors will win this one.

minnesota traded santana

johan santana, two-time cy young awardee, is set to leave minnesota if he passed the physical exams and agrees to a contract extension where he would have to waive off the no-trade clause in his contract. if all goes well, the best pitcher in mlb (according to many), will be wearing a mets uniform this upcoming season.

in exchange for santana, the twins will receive a handful of players. that just shows how valuable the lefty is. considered to have the best changeup in the league, it is not surprising that a lot of teams were interested in securing the venezuelan 's services. it is also no secret that santana wants more money than what the twins can offer. and that's what this post is about.

of course, pitchers are the most susceptible major leaguers to injuries. that's the reason why very few pitchers were given very long contracts. johan knows this and he is only preparing for his future and his family of course. a freak accident on the plate could lead to an early retirement and santana knows that too. so, he would want a long-term contract which will secure his future.

but other would surely call santana names which have been associated with a-rod when the latter left the rangers. the reason is that santana was given a chance by the twins when it seems no team wanted him. the fans in minnesota have been behind santana every season since he got there and it would surely irk them that their superstar will leave because of the need (or want) for more money.

this discussion would go back and forth with no clear winner. the bottomline though is that santana is a professional baseball player which means he plays to get paid.

but then again, a new discussion would start here starting with "what about playing the game for fun and for the fans?". so i think i'd drop the subject right here. hehehe..

kobe's triple double leads to loss

now, that's an easy way to reach triple-double. :D kobe just had a triple-double in their game against the detroit pistons. he had 39 points, 10 rebounds, and a career high 11 turnovers. that's gotta hurt. the lakers though are without bynum, ariza, and mihm. anyway, it was tayshaun prince who sunk the game winner; a three to give the pistons a 90-89 win.

the lakers just keep on dropping games and the only win of the lakers in recent memory is against the knicks. sure, kb24 can be dubbed as the best player today in the nba, but he surely needs his teammate, especially bynum. the loss to the pistons is a very bad omen for the lakers as they will be going on a loooong road trip. in that stretch, they would face washington, orlando, and the red-hot toronto.

i think the lakers will finish thier nine-game roadtrip with a 5-4 record. so, that would be three losses to go? hehehe


patriots over giants...in simulation

the patriots are favorite to win the super bowl this year. if they succeed in doing that, they would also become the first team in nfl history to record 19-0 in a season. the patriots will be going up against the new york giants.

the giants are not pushovers mind you. to get this shot at the super bowl, they have to get past the green bay packers powered by the immortal brett favre's throwing arm. or something like that.

the xbox 360 though has come up with a prediction according to boston.com. well, you go now and read the article. :D or you can hang around and read some of my posts. :D

after you have checked out the story, you can share your thoughts here. for me, i think the patriots will win, but, i have this thing about siding with the underdogs so i want the giants to win. i mean, boston had the world series, so maybe the super bowl belongs to new york. lolz.

it's too bad a new york knicks vs. boston celtics will never happen in the nba finals.

lakers won, hornets lost, new york's balkman suspended, and more

everyone has been taking notice of the new orleans hornets since they are on a nine game winning streak. but that was before they faced the warriors. led by stephen jackson and former hornets superstar baron davis, the warriors snapped the hornets' nine game winning streak. as usual, b-diddy had a line of 23 points, nine assists and three rebounds. on the other hand, cp3 has 28 points, a dozen assists and a couple of rebounds. exciting game before the warriors break away during the latter part of the last quarter.

yesterday, i forgot, kobe and the lakers won. well, against the new york knicks. i am a big fan of the knicks and i hate seeing them like this. well, at the said game, kb24 almost reached triple-double. the game also featured the elbow given by renaldo balkman to vujacic. it's accidental though according to isiah thomas. there was no foul called after vujacic took that elbow. but the powers that be in nba reviewed the play and decided that it was a flagrant foul. thus balkman has to serve a one-game suspension.

also, the sixers rout the bucks today. 112-69. it was the sixers biggest home game in twelve years. the bucks though are without scoring leader michael redd.

miami lost to orlando, 107-91. not a big surprise really considering d-wade is injured and so is shaq.

toronto also beat washington 122-83. the wizards are without caron butler and agent zero of course who looks to return after the all-star break. deshawn stevenson summed up the game saying "they blew us out of the water".

chicago's woes continues with another loss coming at the hands of the t'wolves. the final tally: 83-67. that's not because of great defense but really poor offense.

also, ai showed that he too can pass the ball by racking up twelve assists in the game against the grizzlies. the answer also scored 32 for denver. the nuggets are now 27-18 after that 106-102 win. marcus camby looks to be back in form as he grabbed 19 rebounds.


photos of the week... and the month too

it's the 30th which means.... payday.. :D apart from that, i decided to make my end-of -the month post a day earlier with this photo of the month:

that of course is caron butler celebrating their second win over nba's best, the boston celtics. how tough would the wizards be when agent zero returns?

plus, here are some photos i have collected through the week:

that's minnesota t'wolves' gerald green doing his thing above the rim he'll be defending his slam dunk crown this coming all-star break

that's kb24 and lbj, not checking out the scoreboard or green's slam, but up at the staple center's leaking roof. only it turns out that the roof is not leaking at all.

and here, manu just being his old it's-my-ball self trying to get through new orleans hornets' defense.

darchinyan talks... what's new?

vic darchinyan: 29 wins, 1 loss, 23 wins coming by way of knockout, ranked number 5 by the ibf and number 10 by ring magazine.
z gorres: 27 wins, 2 losses, 1 draw, 15 wins coming by way of knockout, ranked number 6 by the ibf and number 9 by ring magazine.

vic and z are on a collision course. the two are set to battle at the cebu waterfront hotel and casino on february 2. the 12-round world championship elimination fight will be about redemption for darchinyan. you see, someone named nonito donaire (probably heard about him visiting the president at the palace), knocked this guy out cold last year. that was a really mean punch donaire threw as it sent the previously undefeated darchinyan kissing the mat.

that's not cool right (for darchinyan at least), so he went and asked for gorres. and he is now saying that he will knock out "the dream" come fight night. "
the filipino people are very warm, very friendly but i’m very sorry. i’m going to knock out your boy," said darchinyan.

hmmmm.. let's just wait and see.

super aguri trouble

in f1, people would more often than not root for high profile teams like ferrari, mclaren, renault, or bmw sauber. but i think that some fans of the sport would prefer underdogs like super aguri.

the japanese outfit may not be as popular as the other teams but the fact that they are competing at this level with a very tight budget (compared to other teams of course) is the reason why the team retains it fans. but will super aguri finish this season?

well, early on, during the test sessions, i noticed that aguri is not testing their new car along with the other teams. and then, this piece of news surfaced. mosley, you know the guy, said that he fears that he is not sure whether all eleven teams will finish the season.

"i think it's difficult for those teams not directly connected to a manufacturer, and who don't have substantial private backing," said mosley referring to super aguri.

"Somebody has to put the money up, but then I wrote to the teams telling them not to rely on handouts from billionaires because it is just not viable.

"I think we should be all right this season, although it doesn't solve the problem.

"But as far as we are concerned they are a normal team perfectly entitled to race.

"They're entered into this year's championship, and we expect to see them in Melbourne."

webber, a warrior again

it's final, c-web is back in golden state. according to afp, the veteran will be raking in about $1.2 million for the remainder of the season. the veteran will be making his first appearance for the warriors on the court since his rookie year on feb. 1 against the bobcats.

"this organization and city has always had a special place in my heart because it is where my dream of being an nba player first came true," said webber. he also cited his expectation for the team saying: "in playing for nellie before, i know how much fun his style of ball can be. i believe great things are in store and i can't wait to get on the court."

now, we will finally see how c-web can help b-diddy and the rest of the warriors.

kidd wants out

when jason kidd joined the new jersey nets in the 2001-02 nba season, he immediately made it known that the nets will be a serious threat. he went on to lead the team to the championship that season but was swept by the lakers. next season saw them returning to the peak of the eastern conference only to be defeated again in the championship by tim duncan's spurs.

in december of 2004, the team was joined by half-man half-amazing, vince carter from the toronto raptors. the two became the one-two punch of the nets and went on to grab the last spot in the eastern conference by edging out the cavs, much to the dismay of lebron james. but they got swept again by a team powered by diesel. by that i mean shaq.

anyway, am getting carried away again, earlier this year, and late last year, there have been talks about kidd wanting out. since richard jefferson (thomas jeffereson according to ali g.) and vince carter were given high-priced contracts, it seemed that kidd is no longer the priority of the team.

so kidd wants to be traded before the trading deadline which is on feb. 21. so watch out for that. the nuggets and the mavs are reported to be interested in acquiring the service of the veteran point guard and this year's starter for the east all-stars.

all in a day's work

it is said that mma is slowly replacing boxing as the most popular combat sport. i don't think mma has reached that point yet that it can say that it is more popular than boxing. the last quarter of 2007 proved that with a lot of really good fights for boxing including the bout between pretty boy floyd mayweather and ricky hatton. the fight was entertaining and it ended with hatton kissing the mat. too bad.

anyway, mma as i've said is slowly ascending and it is guys like tank abbott who gave mma the boost that it needed. i can say that tank is the tyson of mma. btw, tank has an upcoming fight with kimbo slice. never heard of the guy? search youtube. lol that's where kimbo's popularity started really.

so, before i loose track of what i am supposed to be telling you, former wwe champion brock lesnar will headline the ucf's latest ppv. so watch out for it and see just how far mma has gone.

oh, by the way, i got these couple of pics i want to share with you, now, this is really all in a day's work for boxers and mma practitioners. which one looks better? hit me back.

here comes toyota

it looks as if one of my predictions will be proven to be accurate. by that i mean my prediction about toyota being back with more power than last season.

according to espn (the worldwide leader in sports), during the test sessions in las vegas, a toyota topped the charts both in the morning and afternoon sessions. in the morning, it was denny hamlin posting the fastest lap while in the afternoon, it was kyle busch.

now, that's really an improvement. hope they continue their dominance when the season starts.

now i am seriously thinking about adding kyle busch to my fantasy racing lineup instead of two-time champ jimmie johnson. hmmm.. any thoughts on that? wink

new orleans on a roll

i really love the way cp3 plays. he started in the league to become the leader of a team full of veterans back in his rookie season of course. i'd say he exceeded expectation and today, he is again the heart and soul of the hornets.

they are currently on a nine-game winning streak and mind you, they have beaten the spurs in that stretch. the most recent win of the team is over denver. in a game that chris paul almost reached triple-double, he has shown us the future of the hornets. he outclassed ai who will be starting at the point for the west all-stars. the youngster showed the shooting guard in iverson what it really means to be a pointguard.

i just hope they sustain this run and get through to the finals. maybe then, cp3 will be given serious thought to win the podoloff trophy eh? mrgreen


piquet says all's good

last year, we all know what happened to mclaren. whew! early in the season, i was really thinking that that was the season where they would finally break ferrari fans' hearts. but how wrong i was. i can see three factors why the team failed to win it all last year. the first one of course is the spying scandal which took them out of the constructors' championship, the second is the bickering between alonso and hamilton or hamilton and alonso to some. the third is that the ice man is really that damn good!

the second factor will hopefully no longer be an issue for hamilton and alonso as they are now on different teams. hamilton stayed with mclaren (of course) while alonso went back to renault. hamilton now has kovy as his teammate while alonso has young brazilian nelson piquet jr., the son of nelson piquet sr. (naturally :D). i think kovy fits well with mclaren, after all, he will not be looking for the team to give him preferential treatment. in fact, he knows that he is operating in hamilton's world. hopefully, this year goes well for mclaren with kovy on board.

for renault, i think it will be the start of their climb to the top. although alonso has been portrayed as a crybaby, no one can deny his talent. without him, renault would not have realized that they have a really good car. so good in fact that it has beaten the two teams that has been mainstays at the top. add to that teh fact that piquet is willing to play second fiddle to alonso. yes, he said so. anyway, this is a good job on the part of piquet. by saying so, would people be thinking by the end of this year's season how good can piquet be if he is not forced to play second fiddle to alonso?

well, that's just a thought.. lolz..


nascar predictions

feeling kinda prophetic this day although i am not really good at this. biggrin and this is the time of the year when all teams are getting ready for the new nascar season. i signed up for fantasy racing at cbssports and i am really excited about the upcoming season. but before i get carried away as i always do , here are my predictions for the upcoming season:

  • junior will finally win a race: of course it is really obvious that since he is at hendrick motorsports, he will be breaking his winless streak
  • toyota will be better: what is it with toyota and motorsports huh? they have been racking up sales in the auto market, so much in fact that they are on track to overtake gm as the biggest automaker in the world, but they can't seem to take a win in f1 or nascar. this season, they have joe gibbs racing within their fold, expect better things to come from toyota.
  • dodge and ford will be back with a vengeance: last season, ford and dodge only managed to get a handful of wins or podium finishes for that matter. they have also been outclassed by chevy in races last year when the car of tomorrow was used, now the car of today. the teams have been awfully silent as to what they are doing with their cars. this does not mean anything but i got this gut feel that they will ba able to give a better fight this year.mrgreen
  • the international connection contending with the old guards: johnson, gordon, junior, the old names which have been associated with nascar for years now will be going up against newcomers like villeneuve and franchitti who have achieved much success on open-wheel racing. the fans' reaction to the arrival of these racing stars are lukewarm at best. with that i mean nascar's core fans. but me, i think this is good for racing but not good in the sense that the "locals" trying to get a seat in a nascar team have been displaced by the coming of these open-wheel racers. i think that the old guards will easily win over open-wheel racers.
so there they are, i don't know if these predictions will come true but then, these are just predictions. lol

buy a piece of a future major leaguer

if you have a fantasy baseball team, then i'm sure that you follow your player's performance day in and day out. yeah, i know how it feels like since i have a fantasy team of my own. but wouldn't it be far more exciting if you own a stock of a real player? idea

now you can invest on a player by the name of randy newsom. this guy has an economics degree from tufts and it seems that he is not disregarding his degree just to pursue a career in mlb. he and his friends seeks to ease the financial burden on guys like newsom looking for that spot in an mlb team roster

for $20 you will get to own part of the possible earnings of this guy who throw sidearm, hurls fastballs at high 80s, has a slider that runs and fastball that sinks. he was also an all star last summer in double-A. he is 25 years old and certainly has room for improvement.

newsom said that this is not about making money but about supporting a guy to make it to the major league. i bet, it would be really gratifying if this kid turns out he can hurl it like the pros and you have invested in him. you would also have the chance to get a part of his earnings if he makes it.

it would really be more exciting to follow this guy if you invest in him. uhmm, maybe espn can follow this guy's career huh?

keys on the ignition: first post

first post.yey! i love sports although i get the feeling that the feeling ain't mutual. but that won't stop me from ranting about this and that sport.

i particularly like formula one and nascar, now, i am not giving one or the other preferential treatment. but to tell the truth, i have been a longer f1 fan than nascar. apart from these motorsports, i also like superbike and motogp, again, no preferential treatment although that may change if biaggi crosses the fence or rossi for that matter. biggrin

i also love basketball though am too short for the game, i think. i got this fantasy team at cbssports and i think the team's doing well, three wins and a loss is good enough for this guy. i also started watching the nfl especially now that it is close to superbowl season. although i am still in the process of getting to know more about the sport, i am aware that the new england patriots are favored. cool good times in boston huh? biggrin

and since i have mentioned boston, we cannot leave out the red sox. yes, i am a fan of the mlb too. it's just a shame that the league is under fire for the guys who took this and that substance. my stand on that? it's cheating really and i think the league should no doubt put into place more stringent regulations regarding these "substances". after all, it gets confusing on the record book if you put all those asterisk in there huh?

i have been a baseball fanatic for years now although i seldom watch mlb. i wanted to but i have to go to school and now am working so i get much info about the games over the net. in my college days i tried my hands on baseball and i found it to be a really cool sport especially when you're on the plate. i love the rush that i get everytime i step up to bat. btw, i played shortstop. biggrin

i also love boxing since a friend of mine always talked about the diazes, and mosley, and cotto, and.. you get the drift. i also like watching mma fights, it really is so intense. i would have tried a career in mma if i only have the built for it. unfortunately, (or fortunately?), i do not. lol

that's it for now. gotta sleep now.

btw, if you like the smileys/emoticons and you want one too, try this one created by this blogger.