super aguri trouble

in f1, people would more often than not root for high profile teams like ferrari, mclaren, renault, or bmw sauber. but i think that some fans of the sport would prefer underdogs like super aguri.

the japanese outfit may not be as popular as the other teams but the fact that they are competing at this level with a very tight budget (compared to other teams of course) is the reason why the team retains it fans. but will super aguri finish this season?

well, early on, during the test sessions, i noticed that aguri is not testing their new car along with the other teams. and then, this piece of news surfaced. mosley, you know the guy, said that he fears that he is not sure whether all eleven teams will finish the season.

"i think it's difficult for those teams not directly connected to a manufacturer, and who don't have substantial private backing," said mosley referring to super aguri.

"Somebody has to put the money up, but then I wrote to the teams telling them not to rely on handouts from billionaires because it is just not viable.

"I think we should be all right this season, although it doesn't solve the problem.

"But as far as we are concerned they are a normal team perfectly entitled to race.

"They're entered into this year's championship, and we expect to see them in Melbourne."