minnesota traded santana

johan santana, two-time cy young awardee, is set to leave minnesota if he passed the physical exams and agrees to a contract extension where he would have to waive off the no-trade clause in his contract. if all goes well, the best pitcher in mlb (according to many), will be wearing a mets uniform this upcoming season.

in exchange for santana, the twins will receive a handful of players. that just shows how valuable the lefty is. considered to have the best changeup in the league, it is not surprising that a lot of teams were interested in securing the venezuelan 's services. it is also no secret that santana wants more money than what the twins can offer. and that's what this post is about.

of course, pitchers are the most susceptible major leaguers to injuries. that's the reason why very few pitchers were given very long contracts. johan knows this and he is only preparing for his future and his family of course. a freak accident on the plate could lead to an early retirement and santana knows that too. so, he would want a long-term contract which will secure his future.

but other would surely call santana names which have been associated with a-rod when the latter left the rangers. the reason is that santana was given a chance by the twins when it seems no team wanted him. the fans in minnesota have been behind santana every season since he got there and it would surely irk them that their superstar will leave because of the need (or want) for more money.

this discussion would go back and forth with no clear winner. the bottomline though is that santana is a professional baseball player which means he plays to get paid.

but then again, a new discussion would start here starting with "what about playing the game for fun and for the fans?". so i think i'd drop the subject right here. hehehe..