kobe's triple double leads to loss

now, that's an easy way to reach triple-double. :D kobe just had a triple-double in their game against the detroit pistons. he had 39 points, 10 rebounds, and a career high 11 turnovers. that's gotta hurt. the lakers though are without bynum, ariza, and mihm. anyway, it was tayshaun prince who sunk the game winner; a three to give the pistons a 90-89 win.

the lakers just keep on dropping games and the only win of the lakers in recent memory is against the knicks. sure, kb24 can be dubbed as the best player today in the nba, but he surely needs his teammate, especially bynum. the loss to the pistons is a very bad omen for the lakers as they will be going on a loooong road trip. in that stretch, they would face washington, orlando, and the red-hot toronto.

i think the lakers will finish thier nine-game roadtrip with a 5-4 record. so, that would be three losses to go? hehehe