photos of the week... and the month too

it's the 30th which means.... payday.. :D apart from that, i decided to make my end-of -the month post a day earlier with this photo of the month:

that of course is caron butler celebrating their second win over nba's best, the boston celtics. how tough would the wizards be when agent zero returns?

plus, here are some photos i have collected through the week:

that's minnesota t'wolves' gerald green doing his thing above the rim he'll be defending his slam dunk crown this coming all-star break

that's kb24 and lbj, not checking out the scoreboard or green's slam, but up at the staple center's leaking roof. only it turns out that the roof is not leaking at all.

and here, manu just being his old it's-my-ball self trying to get through new orleans hornets' defense.