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am new to this really, so bear with me on this one:

  1. Song/s that always makes you sad? Sad Movies by Sue Thompson.. (corny)
  2. Last thing you bought? Lagundi Ascof Forte 600 mg Tablet: Recommended Dose; 1 tab. 3 to 4 x a day
  3. Last person you argued with? LeoneL
  4. Do you put Butter before putting the jelly on? Where?
  5. One of your stuffed animals' names as a kid? .22
  6. Did you ever own at one time a Nysnc Cd? Yup! Still do. They make good exhibit for "Things You Should Never Buy"
  7. Favorite day of the week? Not today for sure
  8. Favorite Sundae topping? What's a sundae anyway?
  9. Did you take Piano lessons? Sort of. An hour or so and then my teacher just gave up on me.
  10. Most frequent song played? Genre: Reggae
  11. T.V. show you secretly enjoy? Rolie Polie Olie, you gotta love 'em
  12. Would you rather play basketball or hockey? Both....at the same time
  13. Date someone older or younger? What?
  14. One place you would wish to travel right now? Jamaicarock
  15. Do you use umbrellas? For different purposes
  16. Do you know all the words to the Canadian national anthem? They're all in English? or Canadian? lol
  17. Favorite Cheese? The one that comes with a humongous crust and toppings. I believe its called a pizza... or something.
  18. Disturbed or My Chemical Romance? Disturbed or System of a Down? System of a Down or Bob Marley and the Wailers? Bob Marley and the Wailers hands down.
  19. Do you prefer Blondes or Brunettes? Redheads
  20. Best job you ever had? McLaren test driver... in my dreams.
  21. Did you go to your high school prom? Yup! Wish I didn't though.
  22. Perfect time to wake up? Just before lunchtime
  23. Perfect time to go to bed? Just after lunchtime
  24. Do you use your queen right away in chess? Yes, to hell with strategy.. lol.. that's why i always end up the loser.
  25. Ever been in a car accident? I wish...
  26. Closer to mom or dad...or neither? Neither, I call my folks Tatay and Nanay. lol... both...
  27. What age is this exciting life over for you? Below 23?
  28. What decade during the 20th century would you have chosen to be a teenager? 80s or 70s... the time when oxygen was invented by a guy named Bill Gates.
  29. Favorite shoes you have EVER owned? A pair of old and worn converse imitation i dyed red green and gold.
  30. Do you have an article of clothing you have had since you were in high school? Yup, still using them in fact.
  31. Were you in track and field? Yup! always end up dead last.
  32. Were you ever in a school talent show? Yup! I was one of the dwarfs/dwarves in our version of rapunzel and the three bears.
  33. Have you ever written in a library book? Yup! I still have the book by the way. :D
  34. Allergic to? Work
  35. Favorite fruit? Guava c/o John Olops
  36. Have you watched sex and the city? I wasn't allowed to.
  37. Baseball hat or toque? Dreads
  38. Do you shampoo first in the shower or soap? Shampoo and soap... Try it...:D
  39. Wet the toothbrush or brush dry with the toothpaste? Wet the tooth...:D Only got one...
  40. Pen or pencil? Pencil... with eraser
  41. Have you ever gambled at a casino? Dreaming of it
  42. Have you thrown up on a plane? Never been on a plane
  43. Have you thrown up in a car? Never been on a car
  44. Have you thrown up at work? Never been at work
  45. Do you scream on roller coasters? Never been on a roller coaster
  46. Who was your first prom date? Dont...want...to...remember..arghhhh!!!
  47. Who was your first roommate? Nanay and Tatay? :D
  48. What alcoholic beverage did you drink when you got drunk for the first time? Gilbeys
  49. What was your first job? Auto parts sales executive
  50. What will be your first car? Rinspeed Squba
  51. When did you go to your first funeral? Never been dead yet. Bummer.
  52. How old were you when you first travelled away from your hometown? 2 years old I guess.
  53. Who was your first grade teacher? Ms. Alteza
  54. Where did you go on your first airplane ride? I said!!!...
  55. When you snuck out of your house for the first time, who was it with? My backpack
  56. Who was your first Best Friend and are you still friends with them? Many to Mention??? LOL...
  57. Where did you live the first time you moved out of your parent's house? Boarding house
  58. Who is the first person you call when you have a bad day? I just send them a text or whatever you call it. IM too.. :D That would be anyone available for a good talk.
  59. Who's wedding were you in the first time you were a bridesmaid or a groomsmen? Never been a bridesmaid.. LOL.. nor a groomsman.
  60. What is the first thing you do in the morning? Shut that freakin' alarm clock up.
  61. What was the first concert you attended? Overload
  62. First tattoo or piercing? Left eyebrow.
  63. First celebrity crush? Zhang Ziyi..
people to tag: YOU!

rockets to miss yao

you probably heard by now, yao will not be playing anytime soon. for more on his injury let FRNZ explain.

yao will miss the rest of the season as fixing his leg would take four months at most. but he will be playing at the olympics that's for sure.


rockets rising, how far wil they go?

the houston rockets are currently on a twelve-game winning streak. this is yet another surprise. in december, portland surprised us all with a long win streak of their own. then, new orleans briefly took the lead in the west after a good showing for a stretch of games. now, the rockets are the hottest.

the rockets have won 16 of their last 17 games thanks to the improved health of both tracy mcgrady and yao ming. the importance of these two to the rockets cannot be overstressed. t-mac can score at will from anywhere. yao can score down low against any defender. with the two stars out with injuries, the rockets kept getting beat by any team actually. now that the t-mac and yao are playing at their highest level this year, they look unbeatable.

the next four games of the rockets are against washington, memphis, denver, indiana. after that, they would be facing the mavs with kidd. washington still misses the services of caron butler and agent zero so i would take the rockets over the wizards. against memphis, the rockets would be favored of course although an upset is still possible (not counting on it though).

denver would be a problem for the rockets. although denver would have been very strong if they acquired artest the team is still formidable with allen iverson and carmelo anthony along with marcus camby and jr smith and kenyon martin. i think, denver would be the team to break that winning streak, but then again, i could be wrong.


hamilton faster than schumacher & raikkonen

lewis hamilton, that guy who has rewritten the record books last year seems to be getting better. recently he beat seven-time world champion michael schumacher and defending champ kimi raikkonen. it would have been a great win but it did not happen in any race but in the testing session held in barcelona, spain.

although schumacher retired more than a year ago, he still drives a an F1 car for ferrari. i don't know if he is the test driver for the team or he just wants to drive as fast as he once did. anyway, even kimi "the iceman" raikkonen wasn't able to keep up with lewis' pace.

this does not mean anything though when it comes to predicting who will win the season opener in australia. hamilton could lead now but kimi might be faster in qualifying. teams in F1 of course are secretive when it comes to their real capabilities on the tracks. alonso even said that bmw may not be showing it right now, but they are really fast. the two-time world champion said that the bmws are running with full tanks which would definitely make them appear slower.

anyway, prediction time... who will win this year's australian grand prix?
my pick: felipe massa (believe that!)


support robby gordon

sure, robby may not be junior but this journeyman needs your support. if you are a nascar fan, you would now that robby gordon has been penalized by nascar for using an unapproved nose on his car at the daytona 500.

at the start of the season, robby announced that he would switch from ford to dodge this season citing financial concerns as the reason. now, dodge teams uses the dodge charger this year in the sprint cup but its nose has not yet been approved so they are using last year's avenger nose with a charger decal.

when robby requested for a nose for his car, he was given a charger nose which has been already submitted to nascar for approval but has not yet been approved. this led to nascar docking him a hundred points and a fine of $100,000.

robby appealed the decision citing that the penalty is way to harsh. even chrysler ceo bob nardelli went into robby's defense by accepting the fault as the company's own and appealed to nascar to at least reduce the penalty on robby gordon motorsports.

chrysler's ceo is not the only one behind robby. someone that goes by name of jim beam (i'm sure you know this fellow) also came to the aid of robby. you can read jim beam's letter to nascar here. and you can show your support for robby by joining jim beam's signature campaign here.

i hope nascar would reduce the punishment it meted to robby.

klitschko dominates ibragimov

as many of us expected, klitschko's length proved to be enough to keep ibragimov at bay. the ukranian now holds three belts, the ibf, ibo, and wbo heavyweight championships and will be looking to be the first undisputed heavyweight champion since lennox lewis retired.

two russians hold the two belts that klitschko eyes. oleg maskaev holds the wbc belt which the russian will defend against samuel peter next month while ruslan chagaev holds the wba belt.


ibragimov faces tough fight against klitschko

the sultan (ibragimov) has been known to specialize in winning over much bigger opponents. but he will be facing a tough task in wladimir klitschko.

wlad packs a more powerful punch, and he is also taller. to beat wlad, the sultan has to do a sanders. klitschko's first loss was to corrie sanders,a southpaw like ibragimov who used his speed to get inside wlad's defense. although none of the two are really that fast, ibragimov can be considered as the faster of the two and he has to use this.

for wlad to win on the other hand, he has to keep jabbing, keep the pressure on the sultan. as ibragimov has a tendency to drop his guard when backing up, it will be a great chance for klitschko to spoonfeed the russian a dose of his thundering right.

pavlik-2, taylor-0

it's really late but i just want to share my thoughts on this:

kelly pavlik once again got the better of jermain taylor. the second time that these two fighters faced each other did not end up with anyone kissing the mat but the fight was still great (but not as good as the first encounter). anyway, the second fight is not just about who is the better of the two. it is also the signal that the future is here.

oscar de la hoya, tito trinidad, and roy jones gave us really great fights. but now, they are getting older and may soon go the way of barrera and morales, but hopefully not the way of the late great chico corrales. the fight between pavlik and taylor showed the world that it is no longer in the hands of jones or de la hoya or trinidad to give viewers dazzling fights.

these two young warriors will no doubt go after the legends soon. in fact, pavlik is being rumored to be set up with trinidad. that move will only solidify the youngster's reputation and hopefully, it will raise enough money for trinidad for his retirement.

i'm not saying that tito is finished but he has a family to watch out for so i think an exit now would be good for him. he only went out of retirement because he want to prove something to jones. he went out and gave a great fight, i think it's time to hang up them gloves.

as for pavlik, why not try to gather all the belts in your division? the sport needs one champion for every weight class as this wbc, wba, wbo, ibf, and whatever stuff makes the sport really murky.

just another mma post

kimbo knocked tank out cold. i know this would happen. tank's too old for this. sure, he has an anvil for a right hand which could dislocate my jaw if i get in his way, but kimbo slice is younger and has really trained for the fight.

one could easily see that kimbo had great head movement, while tank may have gassed up earlier if he tried doing the same. kimbo dropping tank is also not about tank being tired, it was just that kimbo also packs a very mean punch.

at one point during the match, right before he got peppered by rights and lefts, kimbo threw his mouthpiece into the crowd because he has "street cred".

although i would not bet on kimbo if he ever fights someone like frank mir or big nog, i still think that he is one entertaining and powerfully raw fighter.

just another nba post

got some catching up to do so here we go right away:

ben wallace joined the cavs along with three other players. it'll be good i think for the cavs as lebron can easily motivate big ben. and we know that when the big man is motivated, he can crash that board until it bleeds.

the all-star? we all know already what happened and, it was a good job by the east. it should be made official now: LBJ=MVP.

shaq and the suns lost to the lakers. give it more time and you will see how well phoenix use shaq.

j-kidd going to the big-D. it's great for dallas this year or maybe next season, but after that, it'll be the nets that will reap the benefits of that j-kidd trade

manu. he's getting dominant... again. looks like manu is back and the spurs suddenly look very strong indeed. parker is back and they now have the "tim duncan-stopper" kurt thomas.


photo of the week (a bit late)

yup, photo of the week is kinda late but here it is anyway:

shaq joins suns.. .and said: "i'm very upset. you just don't really want to get me upset. when i'm upset, i'm known to do certain things - like win championships."


jimmie johnson takes pole at daytona 500, three toyotas in front

everything is set for the 50th running of the daytona 500. if you have been keeping yourself up to date with nascar news, you know already that jimmie johnson took pole position. surprising? i don't think so. the guy has won the championship twice. what caught my attention is the three toyota in the top five.

am i surprised? not really, after all, i kinda predicted their improvement this year. starting next to johnson in the front row is michael waltrip. these are the only positions that have been determined. david reutimann posted the fourth fastest lap time in the pole qualifier and dave blaney came in at fifth.

with this development and the obvious improvement on toyota's performance, i think that it is safe to say that chevrolet will not dominate this season as it did last year.


shaq back in the west.. now what?

i know you have already heard about shaq going to the suns in exchange for marion and marcus banks. but what are the effects of this trade in the west and in the east.

first, let's take a look at the matrix, shawn marion. the superstar has expressed his displeasure with the suns and wants out. it seems that the suns wanted to have kg before he finally settled in boston. and the bait that the suns used is the versatile marion.

now, marion was upset with him being forced out of the suns organization after has shown his loyalty to the team. so, he wanted out and now, he will be wearing a heat uniform and possibly miss the playoffs this year.

possibly because, the east is not that competitive and wade and marion might be able to turn around the heat's fortune. that is if the knicks, sixers, bucks, and other bottom dwellers stay where they are. as for sharing the ball, marion has never been known to be a me-first player so i think there would be no problem with him playing alongside wade.

the heat will also benefit having marion as he can run with the best of them (read: d-wade).

as for shaq and the suns, it's really a precarious situation for them. although they have grant hill to fill the shoes of marion offensively and defensively, they are taking a great gamble in acquiring shaq.

if shaq stays healthy, after the all-star break as he is still questionable today, the suns may have a very good chance of finally winning a championship. kobe and shaq proved that giving it to the big guy down low means two points or sometimes three depending on shaq's stroke from the charity stripe.

nash, arguably the best pointguard in the league, can easily find shaq in his comfort zone and deliver him the ball. this might mean decreased scoring chances for amare though. another problem about ading shaq to the lineup is that shaq is not exactly young and may not be able to run with the nba's fastest team. but then, the presence of amare means that shaq does not have to play a lot of minutes to get a win.

now, my prediction will hinge on one thing and that is shaq's health. if he can stay healthy, then the suns may have gotten the better out of the trade. the heat though is not worse off as they now have a versatile forward and a veteran too to complement the skills of d-wade.


new york giants beat new england patriots

super bowl xlii seemed was once again a battle between defense and offense. the perfect patriots, 18-0 going to super bowl is almost perfect on the offensive end while the giants are devastating on the other end.

it was said that offense wins games but defense wins championships. that was all so true with the giants win over the patriots. the defense of the giants took away the passing game of the pats. they made tom brady feel really uncomfortable and made it hard for randy moss to run away with touchdown passes.

what's interesting for me though is the way the giants see themselves. new york defensive end michael strahan said: "we're a bunch of misfits that somehow came together and won." now that's familiar with a team calling themselves idiots.

in 2004, the boston red sox broke the curse of the bambino. johnny damon, center fielder/leadoff hitter then for the red sox said back then: "we're just the idiots this year." and those "idiots" beat the new york yankees after they were down 3-0 in the alcs. after the super bowl victory of the giants, i think they were merely returning the favor to new england, the region where boston is located. cool eh?


frank mir submits lesnar at ufc , sylvia lost again

frank mir is officially back. the man who broke tim sylvia's arm showed the world that he is back!. he submitted former amateur wrestling champion brock lesnar in what was the biggest battle by lesnar yet in the octagon.

mir was true to his words. he said that he would fight where brock wants to fight. standing up, not much is known about brock's punching power and mir has the background to dodge those flying fists. on the ground, mir likes submitting his opponent while he is on his back. prior to this fight, five of mir's six wins by submission happened within 90 seconds of the first round. and now, that's six out of seven.

also, tim sylvia also lost to another practicioner of jiu-jitsu. brazilian antonio nogueira survived two knockdowns and finally submitted sylvia to take the interim heavyweight belt. it can be remembered that couture wanted nogueira but the fight did not push through. now that big nog is in the ufc, would it be enough to lure captain america out of retirement?

interestingly, both heavyweight winners at ufc 81 were bloodied and were almost knocked out cold before they submitted their respected opponents. these victories are reviving the popularity of jiu-jitsu.

it can be remembered that in the early days of the ufc, legendary royce gracie showed the world that jiu-jitsu is the way to go to beat guys bigger than him. but recently, fans of the sport wanted more knockouts thus chuck liddell and sylvia became very popular as they are both sporting anvils for fists.

next, mir versus nogueira? now that would really be a battle of tactics. if that happens, i'd bet on mir again.


blazers beat knicks despite randolph double-double

the recently concluded game between the portland trailblazers and the new york knicks marked the first time that zach randolph has faced his former team. and likewise, it was also channing frye's first game against the knicks.

randolph of course is expected to produce better numbers than frye. in fact, the knicks forward posted a double-double game with 25 points and 13 rebounds. on the other hand, channing frye only chipped in 2 points and 4 rebounds for the blazers. but in the end, the blazers prevailed in a come from behind fashion.

this shows just how bad things are going for the new york knicks. it's really bothering me as i am a fan of the team. wish they'd get better after the all-star break. :(

liddell not done yet, would face shogun rua

the iceman is back and he is looking for redemption. chuck was at the top when he destroyed the huntington beach bad boy tito ortiz. unfortunately for liddell, the only man to beat him and got away with it (the defeat not yet avenged anyway) prior to the ortiz-liddell saga has followed him to the ufc.

quinton rampage jackson faced liddell for the second time and won again. then, chuck faced jardine and lost again. that second straight loss would have sent the iceman packing and leaving ufc for good. but it did not, and he came back still and defeated wanderlie silva at ufc 79 last december. with that win, everyone seems to think that the iceman is back.

chuck now wants jardine as jackson already has a scheduled opponent but he will be facing shogun rua according to proelite. if chuck beats rua, he may soon find himself facing rampage for the third time. but then again, don't count rua out.

the iceman over rua, then a fight against griffin for the championship. not a typo, i'm betting on griffin to beat rampage. interestingly, rua has won over rampage while rampage scored two wins over chuck, griffin on the other hand has beaten rua recently but was beaten by jardine, who as i said earlier won over chuck. wow! chuck is so far from the top of the mountain eh?

hamilton dominates at barcelona

everyone interested in f1 is waiting for the season to start. but there is already plenty of action what with f1 teams testing their cars. in the recent tests in barcelona, mclaren's lewis hamilton posted the fastest lap time ahead of fernando alonso. ferrari though is absent at the said session.

bmw sauber now looks like the team last year when they beat everyone except mclaren and ferrari. kubica posted the third fastest time. and surprisingly, fisichella posted the fourth fastest time. check out autosport for the complete result.

looks like reubens is still trapped with honda at the bottom. too bad. :(

mclaren let down lewis hamilton

well, that was according to the supremo, bernie ecclestone. the outspoken f1 chief executive said that lewis could have won the championship last season but mclaren let him down. well, we all know the story by now, lewis had had two races to win the championship but he faltered and lost by the slimmest of margin to the iceman.

i don't know why ecclestone would say such things though, but then again, bernie has always been known for statements such as the one he gave thursday. the supremo added that alonso going back to renault is a wise decision. well, i certainly agree.

i am excited now for the start of the season. i wanna see how kovy drives a mclaren, how kimi defends his crown, how alonso will fare with renault's car, how hamilton can improve, and if massa has grown taller. :D

red sox without santana is ok, gonzo to florida

the red sox won the world series last year because of two things, great pitching and great hitting (basically, that's what every team has to have to get a win). they had the chance to make their pitching staff more formidable. the red sox has the money and santana wants more money, it's as easy as that. but then, it would be the twins that has to decide and not santana.

i'm sure the two-time cy young awardee would love to win a world series and the red sox is one of the teams who looks capable of doing that this year. but then, the mets offered a better deal for santana, thus, the hurler is now on his way to new york.

what is ok in this scenario for the red sox is that santana was not traded to the other new york team, the yankees. santana would have been a potent weapon for the yankees and the red sox do not want that. interestingly, if santana was traded to the yankees, which i think is almost impossible, the yankees would have the two highest paid major leaguer.

gonzo to florida

luis gonzales, the hero of the dbacks' last world series victory has signed with the florida marlins, that is according to usatoday.

gasol joins lakers

pau gasol has been traded to the lakers for kwame brown, aaron mckie, jarvis crittenton and first-round draft choices for this year and in 2010. now, i think kobe will not be asking to be traded anymore as they already have a promising big man in bynum and now, gasol will be wearing a lakers jersey.

this trade also means that rudy gay will be the go-to guy for the grizzlies as stromile swift is set to join the nets in exchange for jason collins.

unfortunately for me, i traded rudy gay last week in fantasy hoops. :(