pavlik-2, taylor-0

it's really late but i just want to share my thoughts on this:

kelly pavlik once again got the better of jermain taylor. the second time that these two fighters faced each other did not end up with anyone kissing the mat but the fight was still great (but not as good as the first encounter). anyway, the second fight is not just about who is the better of the two. it is also the signal that the future is here.

oscar de la hoya, tito trinidad, and roy jones gave us really great fights. but now, they are getting older and may soon go the way of barrera and morales, but hopefully not the way of the late great chico corrales. the fight between pavlik and taylor showed the world that it is no longer in the hands of jones or de la hoya or trinidad to give viewers dazzling fights.

these two young warriors will no doubt go after the legends soon. in fact, pavlik is being rumored to be set up with trinidad. that move will only solidify the youngster's reputation and hopefully, it will raise enough money for trinidad for his retirement.

i'm not saying that tito is finished but he has a family to watch out for so i think an exit now would be good for him. he only went out of retirement because he want to prove something to jones. he went out and gave a great fight, i think it's time to hang up them gloves.

as for pavlik, why not try to gather all the belts in your division? the sport needs one champion for every weight class as this wbc, wba, wbo, ibf, and whatever stuff makes the sport really murky.