liddell not done yet, would face shogun rua

the iceman is back and he is looking for redemption. chuck was at the top when he destroyed the huntington beach bad boy tito ortiz. unfortunately for liddell, the only man to beat him and got away with it (the defeat not yet avenged anyway) prior to the ortiz-liddell saga has followed him to the ufc.

quinton rampage jackson faced liddell for the second time and won again. then, chuck faced jardine and lost again. that second straight loss would have sent the iceman packing and leaving ufc for good. but it did not, and he came back still and defeated wanderlie silva at ufc 79 last december. with that win, everyone seems to think that the iceman is back.

chuck now wants jardine as jackson already has a scheduled opponent but he will be facing shogun rua according to proelite. if chuck beats rua, he may soon find himself facing rampage for the third time. but then again, don't count rua out.

the iceman over rua, then a fight against griffin for the championship. not a typo, i'm betting on griffin to beat rampage. interestingly, rua has won over rampage while rampage scored two wins over chuck, griffin on the other hand has beaten rua recently but was beaten by jardine, who as i said earlier won over chuck. wow! chuck is so far from the top of the mountain eh?