red sox without santana is ok, gonzo to florida

the red sox won the world series last year because of two things, great pitching and great hitting (basically, that's what every team has to have to get a win). they had the chance to make their pitching staff more formidable. the red sox has the money and santana wants more money, it's as easy as that. but then, it would be the twins that has to decide and not santana.

i'm sure the two-time cy young awardee would love to win a world series and the red sox is one of the teams who looks capable of doing that this year. but then, the mets offered a better deal for santana, thus, the hurler is now on his way to new york.

what is ok in this scenario for the red sox is that santana was not traded to the other new york team, the yankees. santana would have been a potent weapon for the yankees and the red sox do not want that. interestingly, if santana was traded to the yankees, which i think is almost impossible, the yankees would have the two highest paid major leaguer.

gonzo to florida

luis gonzales, the hero of the dbacks' last world series victory has signed with the florida marlins, that is according to usatoday.