support robby gordon

sure, robby may not be junior but this journeyman needs your support. if you are a nascar fan, you would now that robby gordon has been penalized by nascar for using an unapproved nose on his car at the daytona 500.

at the start of the season, robby announced that he would switch from ford to dodge this season citing financial concerns as the reason. now, dodge teams uses the dodge charger this year in the sprint cup but its nose has not yet been approved so they are using last year's avenger nose with a charger decal.

when robby requested for a nose for his car, he was given a charger nose which has been already submitted to nascar for approval but has not yet been approved. this led to nascar docking him a hundred points and a fine of $100,000.

robby appealed the decision citing that the penalty is way to harsh. even chrysler ceo bob nardelli went into robby's defense by accepting the fault as the company's own and appealed to nascar to at least reduce the penalty on robby gordon motorsports.

chrysler's ceo is not the only one behind robby. someone that goes by name of jim beam (i'm sure you know this fellow) also came to the aid of robby. you can read jim beam's letter to nascar here. and you can show your support for robby by joining jim beam's signature campaign here.

i hope nascar would reduce the punishment it meted to robby.