frank mir submits lesnar at ufc , sylvia lost again

frank mir is officially back. the man who broke tim sylvia's arm showed the world that he is back!. he submitted former amateur wrestling champion brock lesnar in what was the biggest battle by lesnar yet in the octagon.

mir was true to his words. he said that he would fight where brock wants to fight. standing up, not much is known about brock's punching power and mir has the background to dodge those flying fists. on the ground, mir likes submitting his opponent while he is on his back. prior to this fight, five of mir's six wins by submission happened within 90 seconds of the first round. and now, that's six out of seven.

also, tim sylvia also lost to another practicioner of jiu-jitsu. brazilian antonio nogueira survived two knockdowns and finally submitted sylvia to take the interim heavyweight belt. it can be remembered that couture wanted nogueira but the fight did not push through. now that big nog is in the ufc, would it be enough to lure captain america out of retirement?

interestingly, both heavyweight winners at ufc 81 were bloodied and were almost knocked out cold before they submitted their respected opponents. these victories are reviving the popularity of jiu-jitsu.

it can be remembered that in the early days of the ufc, legendary royce gracie showed the world that jiu-jitsu is the way to go to beat guys bigger than him. but recently, fans of the sport wanted more knockouts thus chuck liddell and sylvia became very popular as they are both sporting anvils for fists.

next, mir versus nogueira? now that would really be a battle of tactics. if that happens, i'd bet on mir again.