ibragimov faces tough fight against klitschko

the sultan (ibragimov) has been known to specialize in winning over much bigger opponents. but he will be facing a tough task in wladimir klitschko.

wlad packs a more powerful punch, and he is also taller. to beat wlad, the sultan has to do a sanders. klitschko's first loss was to corrie sanders,a southpaw like ibragimov who used his speed to get inside wlad's defense. although none of the two are really that fast, ibragimov can be considered as the faster of the two and he has to use this.

for wlad to win on the other hand, he has to keep jabbing, keep the pressure on the sultan. as ibragimov has a tendency to drop his guard when backing up, it will be a great chance for klitschko to spoonfeed the russian a dose of his thundering right.