just another nba post

got some catching up to do so here we go right away:

ben wallace joined the cavs along with three other players. it'll be good i think for the cavs as lebron can easily motivate big ben. and we know that when the big man is motivated, he can crash that board until it bleeds.

the all-star? we all know already what happened and, it was a good job by the east. it should be made official now: LBJ=MVP.

shaq and the suns lost to the lakers. give it more time and you will see how well phoenix use shaq.

j-kidd going to the big-D. it's great for dallas this year or maybe next season, but after that, it'll be the nets that will reap the benefits of that j-kidd trade

manu. he's getting dominant... again. looks like manu is back and the spurs suddenly look very strong indeed. parker is back and they now have the "tim duncan-stopper" kurt thomas.