manny ramirez needs one HR

i have been a fan of the boston red sox since they blew away the yankees in 2004 after being down 0-3. last year, when they went on to win the world series, i was rooting for them. although i'm a fan of the d'backs especially randy "the big unit" johnson and the giants with barry bonds, my allegiance is with the red sox.

so i am excited that manny ramirez is just a homerun away from being the 24th player in the league's history to hit 500 homers. although manny seems to be in a bit of a slump recently, number 500 i believe is just around the corner. his 499th career homer came in tuesday's game against the seattle mariners. they lost the game and i think manny would rather have the W than his 499th homer.

here's hoping that manny's 500th career homerun will power the red sox to a win. how about a grand slam on the bottom of the ninth with the red sox down by three?


you're killing your brother

Bloggers Unite

am joining bloggers around the world in condemning human rights violation. there's a lot of things i can say about this as a friend of mine was gunned down for his beliefs. but i would rather have bob marley spread the word that we should stop this unnecessary war as we are only killing our own brothers.

war by bob marley
until the philosophy which hold one race
superior and another inferior
is finally and permanently discredited and abandoned
everywhere is war, me say war

that until there are no longer first class
and second class citizens of any nation
until the color of a man's skin
is of no more significance than the color of his eyes
me say war

that until the basic human rights are equally
guaranteed to all, without regard to race
dis a war

that until that day
the dream of lasting peace, world citizenship
rule of international morality
will remain but a fleeting illusion
to be pursued, but never attained
now everywhere is war, war

and until the ignoble and unhappy regimes
that hold our brothers in angola, in mozambique,
south africa sub-human bondage
have been toppled, utterly destroyed
well, everywhere is war, me say war

war in the east, war in the west
war up north, war down south
war, war, rumours of war

and until that day, the african continent
will not know peace, we africans will fight
we find it necessary and we know we shall win
as we are confident in the victory

of good over evil, good over evil, good over evil
good over evil, good over evil, good over evil

everytime i hear this song (of course using the headphones borrowed from halley), i always think about our brothers and sisters around the world being gunned down, dying of hunger, lacking food, and ill-treated. we need to stop this madness. sure, attaining world peace is almost impossible but we have to work towards attaining that goal. after all, we might not be africans, but we have to be confident in the victory of good over evil.

- - -

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they want the lakers vs. spurs series

the hornets lost two games in san antonio. the lakers lost twice in salt lake city. both series are tied and there have been a lot of predictions on how the rest of the games in these two series will go. san antonio looks like the champions that they are but the series is going back to new orleans. the lakers' kobe bryant is hurting and andrew bynum will likely be out for the postseason.

one cannot deny that the hornets can topple the might spurs and the jazz can finally reach the western finals after years of frustration. but tv people are rooting for a spurs-lakers showdown. the reason is starpower. los angeles is known for its popular citizens and san antonio is popular because they have the spurs winning the championship every other year.

if the hornets and the jazz advance to the finals, tv people are afraid that supporters outside utah and new orleans would sleep. sure, that's a possibility. but what about the deron williams versus chris paul story line? is that not enough for people to follow a jazz-hornets series?

so go on, root for the spurs and the lakers because they have the starpower to draw a lot of people to watch the western conference finals. root for them because you can easily name players from both teams. but don't count out the jazz because they do not have a "superstar". do not count out the hornets because they lack the experience that the spurs have.

tuesday hoops

me and frnz and chayeee have been playing hoops for a few months now on tuesdays, thursdays and sundays. and since today is tuesday, we're off again after work to the hardcourt. here's hoping that i don't screw up again on those easy layups i have been missing almost every game.

chayeee has always played like kobe, frnz plays like allen iverson, and olops, they say he's the ronny turiaf of our group but he plays like a ben wallace on defense but with more offensive production. me, i'm not too good at it so i am wishing i have basketball hoops at home where i can practice. and if only i could afford one, i think i'd buy one from dazadi. i mean for a sports-inclined person like me, dazadi is the perfect place to shop as they have all the right products from basketball hoops to billiards tables.

look at it this way, if i want to have my own court at home, i would not only need hoops right? i would also need to have the right basketball court dimensions. sure, i can just put up an inground basketball hoops at home and use spray paint to mark the freethrow line and the three-point territory but that just wouldn't cut it for me. thus, it would be great to have one of those stencil kit from dazadi which i can use to properly mark the court with.

would a basketball court at home help me with my game though? i think it would. but i would have to shoot a thousand jumpshots and dribble a million more before i can match chayee and frnz's games.


hornets beat spurs in game 1

let me start it off with this play-by-play call on cbs starting with the foul on bruce bowen:

NO 1:15
Chris Paul made Slam Dunk (17 PTS)
SA 1:22
Lost ball turnover on Brent Barry, Stolen by Chris Paul
NO 1:39
Chris Paul made Finger-roll Layup
NO 1:50
Defensive Rebound by Chris Paul
NO 1:50
Chris Paul missed 2nd of 2 Free Throws
NO 1:50
Chris Paul made 1st of 2 Free Throws
SA 1:50
Shooting foul on Bruce Bowen

yup!, that's all paul. but as you can see, paul only scored 17 points. that means somebody from the hornets took the responsibility of scoring and that guy is david west who scored 30 for the number 2 seed hornets en route to to a 110-82 win over the san antonio spurs. peja stojakovic added 22 while tyson chandler grabbed 15 rebounds.

as for paul, he was in foul trouble in the first half with three personal fouls before halftime. cp3 also struggled from the field missing all his jumpshots in the first half. he came alive in the second half and finished the game with 17 points and 13 assists.

early on, the spurs' three point shooting had the hornets trailing. bruce bowen hit five out of ten from the three-point range. the defensive specialist took no shot inside the arc and finished with 17. unfortunately for the spurs, bowen wasn't able to continue his hot shooting in the second half.

one reason for the spurs losing in game 1 is tim duncan's poor shooting night. duncan missed all 5 jumpers and only made one out four layups as well as making only 3 out of his 6 freethrows. duncan had his worst playoff game ever with only 5 points and 3 rebounds to show for 39 minutes of play.

for the hornets, david west's dominance inside the paint is one of the key to this W. the all-star forward made 13 of 23 shots. also, gawen deangelo, once again played well against the spurs... gawen who? hehehe.. that's bonzi wells' given name. bonzi wells scored ten points in 19 minutes for the hornets.

game 2 will still be played in new orleans and i hope the hornets win another one. geaux hornets!

the game was delayed after the first quarter after a 'ring of fire' through which the hornets mascot, super hugo soared for a dunk refused to cooperate with the maintenance crew's attempt to put it out with carbon dioxide fire extinguishers. out came the foam fire extinguishers which resulted in a messy fire-fighting campaign which left the floor all littered up with the remnants of the flaming hoop and foam of course.

kobe won mvp race?

the la times reported that kobe bryant has won the mvp balloting. lakers fans are surely celebrating. for their sake, i hope this is the real deal. i don't know what kobe fans would say if the la times somehow got it wrong.

well, espn quoted the story so it might be true. but since it is not yet announced, i'm still arguing that cp3 is the mvp this season.

fox sports also quoted the report. one comment caught my attention and it goes something like kobe finally playing good team basketball as gasol has improved his game after joining the lakers mid-season. hmmm... gasol's a great player and the reason why he is performing better in los angeles is that he plays with kobe.

any player of gasol's caliber would benefit from having a teammate who draws a flock of defenders every game. so, i'm not buying that reasoning. sure, playing with kobe has improved gasol's chances of scoring and rebounding, but i don't think it is proper to say kobe has helped gasol improve.

also, this bit from the la times' report caught my attention:

"The Lakers usually let the fortunes of their players rest on their own achievements, but the team took the added step of creating a Bryant-for-MVP campaign by sending material to NBA writers around the league.

The concept mimicked an old-style political election campaign and consisted of bumper stickers, campaign buttons, red suspenders and a letter from "campaign manager" Jerry Buss, who urged writers to vote for Bryant."

lol... no need to do that mr. jerry buss sir. actually, that makes the mvp voting quite comical, in my humble opinion that is.


kevin durant is rookie of the year

last year's draft saw the portland trailblazers picking up greg oden with their first pick. then, seattle went with kevin durant and durant would go on to become this season's rookie of the year (uhm, rookie of what year exactly? shouldn't it be called the rookie of the season or something? hehehe).

the university of texas standout, a 6'9" swingman with a wingspan of almost 7'5" led all rookies in scoring with 20.3 per contest. i must admit that i was more interested in oden as i was wondering how he (oden) will be able to match up with the league's premier big men. but durant showed that at his young age, he can ball with the best in the nba.

i also admire the kid's professionalism, his dedication to his craft. in the first months of this season, he kept shooting threes which really hurt his shooting percentage. but he soon learned that it would be easier to make shots if he throw them up closer to the rim. by the end of the regular season, durant was shooting 43 percent from the field.

facts about kevin durant: he wears number 35 to honor his former coach charles craig who was shot to death at age 35. also, he received the rookie of the year award on april 30 this year, three years after craig was murdered. he had his first career double-double in the last game of the regular season with a career-high 42 points and 13 rebounds.

i don't know how sonics fans feel about kevin winning the ROY award. i mean, they have watched this kid perform at such a high level against grizzled veterans this season and immediately captured their adoration (generally of course), but next season, kevin may no longer play for seattle as the new ownership is now cleared to move the team to oklahoma city pending the outcome of lawsuits filed against the move. i just wish the sonics would just settle in seattle...i mean, to me, the supersonics will always be the seattle supersonics.