kobe won mvp race?

the la times reported that kobe bryant has won the mvp balloting. lakers fans are surely celebrating. for their sake, i hope this is the real deal. i don't know what kobe fans would say if the la times somehow got it wrong.

well, espn quoted the story so it might be true. but since it is not yet announced, i'm still arguing that cp3 is the mvp this season.

fox sports also quoted the report. one comment caught my attention and it goes something like kobe finally playing good team basketball as gasol has improved his game after joining the lakers mid-season. hmmm... gasol's a great player and the reason why he is performing better in los angeles is that he plays with kobe.

any player of gasol's caliber would benefit from having a teammate who draws a flock of defenders every game. so, i'm not buying that reasoning. sure, playing with kobe has improved gasol's chances of scoring and rebounding, but i don't think it is proper to say kobe has helped gasol improve.

also, this bit from the la times' report caught my attention:

"The Lakers usually let the fortunes of their players rest on their own achievements, but the team took the added step of creating a Bryant-for-MVP campaign by sending material to NBA writers around the league.

The concept mimicked an old-style political election campaign and consisted of bumper stickers, campaign buttons, red suspenders and a letter from "campaign manager" Jerry Buss, who urged writers to vote for Bryant."

lol... no need to do that mr. jerry buss sir. actually, that makes the mvp voting quite comical, in my humble opinion that is.