manny ramirez needs one HR

i have been a fan of the boston red sox since they blew away the yankees in 2004 after being down 0-3. last year, when they went on to win the world series, i was rooting for them. although i'm a fan of the d'backs especially randy "the big unit" johnson and the giants with barry bonds, my allegiance is with the red sox.

so i am excited that manny ramirez is just a homerun away from being the 24th player in the league's history to hit 500 homers. although manny seems to be in a bit of a slump recently, number 500 i believe is just around the corner. his 499th career homer came in tuesday's game against the seattle mariners. they lost the game and i think manny would rather have the W than his 499th homer.

here's hoping that manny's 500th career homerun will power the red sox to a win. how about a grand slam on the bottom of the ninth with the red sox down by three?