kevin durant is rookie of the year

last year's draft saw the portland trailblazers picking up greg oden with their first pick. then, seattle went with kevin durant and durant would go on to become this season's rookie of the year (uhm, rookie of what year exactly? shouldn't it be called the rookie of the season or something? hehehe).

the university of texas standout, a 6'9" swingman with a wingspan of almost 7'5" led all rookies in scoring with 20.3 per contest. i must admit that i was more interested in oden as i was wondering how he (oden) will be able to match up with the league's premier big men. but durant showed that at his young age, he can ball with the best in the nba.

i also admire the kid's professionalism, his dedication to his craft. in the first months of this season, he kept shooting threes which really hurt his shooting percentage. but he soon learned that it would be easier to make shots if he throw them up closer to the rim. by the end of the regular season, durant was shooting 43 percent from the field.

facts about kevin durant: he wears number 35 to honor his former coach charles craig who was shot to death at age 35. also, he received the rookie of the year award on april 30 this year, three years after craig was murdered. he had his first career double-double in the last game of the regular season with a career-high 42 points and 13 rebounds.

i don't know how sonics fans feel about kevin winning the ROY award. i mean, they have watched this kid perform at such a high level against grizzled veterans this season and immediately captured their adoration (generally of course), but next season, kevin may no longer play for seattle as the new ownership is now cleared to move the team to oklahoma city pending the outcome of lawsuits filed against the move. i just wish the sonics would just settle in seattle...i mean, to me, the supersonics will always be the seattle supersonics.