they want the lakers vs. spurs series

the hornets lost two games in san antonio. the lakers lost twice in salt lake city. both series are tied and there have been a lot of predictions on how the rest of the games in these two series will go. san antonio looks like the champions that they are but the series is going back to new orleans. the lakers' kobe bryant is hurting and andrew bynum will likely be out for the postseason.

one cannot deny that the hornets can topple the might spurs and the jazz can finally reach the western finals after years of frustration. but tv people are rooting for a spurs-lakers showdown. the reason is starpower. los angeles is known for its popular citizens and san antonio is popular because they have the spurs winning the championship every other year.

if the hornets and the jazz advance to the finals, tv people are afraid that supporters outside utah and new orleans would sleep. sure, that's a possibility. but what about the deron williams versus chris paul story line? is that not enough for people to follow a jazz-hornets series?

so go on, root for the spurs and the lakers because they have the starpower to draw a lot of people to watch the western conference finals. root for them because you can easily name players from both teams. but don't count out the jazz because they do not have a "superstar". do not count out the hornets because they lack the experience that the spurs have.