no love for kevin love

many nba fans are asking why ray allen, al jefferson, carmelo anthony, and david lee were not included as all-star reserves for their respective conference. but is anybody concerned that kevin love gets no love after being left out of the rookie-sophomore game?

sure, he cannot score in bunches like oj mayo, michael beasley, and eric gordon (yet), or set up plays like derrick rose and russell westbrook, or fly high like rudy fernandez. but i bet he makes a better case to be in the rookie sophomore game at the all-star weekend than marc gasol, greg oden, and brook lopez.

the twolves are the best team this year in the nba. yup, you read that right. this year, minnesotta has won 8 and only lost 2 games giving them the best record so far this year (but not this season :P). this surge would have been enough to push love to the game. no one can say that it's about the team record as eric gordon's clippers are also struggling.

maybe they are basing it on numbers. if so, then love should get the vote over oden as they have almost identical averages in scoring and rebounding. the difference is that kevin love leads all nba players in offensive rebound every 48 mins.

i don't know why love is snubbed but i do know that he deserves to be there.

georges st. pierre vs. bj penn: it's on

ufc 94 is today! yeah, i know not yet in the states but in the philippines it's already january 31 so there. that means the showdown between two of the best mma fighters today is close at hand.

the fighters

on one hand, you have georges st. pierre, the reigning ufc welterweight champion . a freak of nature, st. pierre has come back from that loss to matt serra to wreak havoc in the welterweight division. the guy is known for his impressive cardio and his athletic ability.

on the other end, bj penn is the current ufc lightweight champion but opted to go up in weight to challenge st. pierre. i think that penn is one of the most gifted fighters to ever grace the octagon. he has that killer instinct, the drive to do whatever it takes to beat up his opponent whether by submission or knockout. he is known for being cool as ice. even when on his back, he does not panic, like a predator waiting patiently for his opponent to make a mistake.


in ufc 56, dana white announced that penn will be coming back to the ufc after bolting to k-1 afetr ufc 46. it was announced that at ufc 58, penn will be facing georges st. pierre with the winner becoming the number one contender to the welterweight championship held at that time by matt hughes.

georges st. pierre won that fight via split decision. that was how close the fight was. so although st. pierre has a win over penn, it is by no means a measuring stick to determine who will walk out of this fight as the victor.

with the win, st. pierre was slated to face hughes. during his training for the fight, st. pierre went down with an injury. with that, the ufc announced that penn would take st. pierre's place and fight hughes. penn lost that fight after sustaining a rib injury. after the welterweight fight, penn dropped back to lightweight and stayed there until he won the championship.

st. pierre on the other hand would wait until after the penn-hughes fight to take on the latter. st. pierre then beat hughes at ufc 65 to win the welterweight championship. he would lost that belt to matt serra though but after beating josh koscheck, hughes (again), and serra, st. pierre reclaimed the gold.

number one pound for pound?

both fighters are no doubt the best at what they do. they have the belts. that's why it's called a superfight. some would argue that the winner of this fight would certainly be the pound for pound king in mma. i would have to disagree though as the p4p title belongs to either anderson silva or fedor emelianenko.


i am not an mma expert but i don't see this fight going the distance. each of them can finish the fight at any given time. so predictions? none for this. i'm just gonna sit back and enjoy this superfight, for a superfight it really is.

nba trade rumors: jermaine o'neal for shawn marion

last year, the memphis grizzlies practically gave away pau gasol to the lakers. the move propelled the lakeshow to the finals. that shows how one trade can make (or break) a team. this year, with the trade deadline approaching, trade rumors are numerous but i think only a few of them would pull through.

one player who managed to make it at the top of the trade rumor queue is shawn marion. some people expect toronto to make a push to acquire marion in exchange for jermaine o'neal. that was a fast turnaround for toronto. this summer, they basically traded tj ford fior o'neal and now it looks like they have given up on the jermaine experiment.

two things could convince toronto to trade o'neal away. first, jermaine's inability to stay healthy for a long time. second, andrea bargnani's recent surge. o'neal has already missed numerous games this season. bargnani on the other hand has stepped up while filling in for o'neal. that in my view makes jermaine tradeable.

but why would miami want jermaine? the answer is their need for a big man. no matter how hard haslem fights for those rebounds, he's no center. if jermaine would join the heat, they would have a potent inside presence. marion might be a scoring threat but moving him would enable the team to give thier rookie michael beasley more playing time to develop.

i think marion would be better off in toronto just like diaw and bell are better off in charlotte. he would play with a good power forward in chris bosh, and a pretty solid point guard in jose calderon. it can be remembered that he had the best years of his career playing with a solid power forward and an mvp point guard in phoenix.

why this trade might not take off: miami is also looking to dump mark blount's contract too which toronto might balk at. if that happens and miami would really like to have o'neal, they can just go ahead and make a straight-up swap. after all, both jermaine and shawn marion have expiring contracts.

fantasy basketball lineup

just a post to share my lineup:

starting at the four guards spots are jose calderon, chris paul, john salmons, and rodney stuckey.

my four forwards are luol deng, al thornton, kenyon martin, and marvin williams.

starting at center is shaquille o'neal and at the flex position is monta ellis.

on the bench are carlos boozer, ramon sessions, and brad miller.

as you can see, only two among the thirteen will be in the all-star game, shaq and cp3. thornton will be there too but only in the rookie-sophomore game. no matter, i'd still be rooting for shaq, paul, and thornton at the weekend games.

ray allen not an all-star?

doc rivers must be mad right now. he said earlier this week that he is almost sure the boston three party will all be in the lineup come the all-star game. kevin garnett was voted as a starting forward for the east. that left the fate of paul pierce and ray allen in the hands of coaches in the eastern conference.

pierce got the nod, allen did not. instead, devin harris of the nets, joe johnson of the hawks, and jameer nelson of the orlando magic were named as guard reserves. this is the first time that harris and nelson were named as all-stars.

there is no doubt in my mind that devin harris is a definite all-star this year. in fact, one could argue that he should start for the east. that means jameer nelson is the one who displaced allen out of the lineup. were the coaches right?

doc rivers beg to differ. he said: "to have only two (of the three picked) would be a crime because coaches all over the league talk about getting players to sacrifice, and then when (the players) do and the coaches vote, if they don’t (vote in Allen), they’re being hypocritical. They are voting for numbers instead of sacrificing for wins and efficiency".

i agree with doc right there. but, if he meant the nets having less wins should translate to devin harris not being on the all-star team, i would disagree. the nets have become a pleasant surprise this year and that is all thanks to harris' improvement. this guy has provided the leadership that the nets were lacking with the departure of kidd. sure, harris has the numbers, but he also plays to win.

as for jameer nelson, i agree that he got the nod over allen. as efficient as allen is, i think nelson's stellar play as of late is one of the main reasons why the magic is one of the best teams in the league. last year when he was struggling, the magic were a good team but not good enough to win a championship. this year nelson brings much more to the table with his leadership and that has made the magic team a lot tougher than they were last year.

ray allen might not be in phoenix come the all-star weekend but i do think that he is still an all-star. it's just that there's too many good players out there this year that one good player has sit this one out.



i know this is late news but i have to say that i was stunned the way antonio margarito was beaten senseless by shane mosley. before the fight, i would have bet all my savings on margarito to dismantle mosley. lucky for me, i did not bet anything, but the tijuana tornado is not as lucky as he was stopped by mosley in the ninth round of their bout recently.

everybody knows that mosley is fast, margarito has a granite chin and can overcome any fighter with volumes of punches. but i guess not many thought mosley had the power to destroy that granite chin of margarito. i for one believed that mosley's age would put him at a disadvantage although margarito is not that young.

mosley beating margarito is not the only stunning news to come out of that bout. i'm sure you have already heard about that "suspicious substance" found on margarito's hand wraps. mosley's trainer, nazzim richardson reportedly noticed that the hand wraps were a bit thick and requested it to be removed and margarito's hand re-taped. removing the hand wraps showed the suspicious material some belive to be plaster of paris.

as a result, margarito's license has been suspended while investigation is being carried on by the california state athletic commission.

if (and i hope not), the commission finds out that the margarito camp were cheating, it could put a lot of question on how margarito knocked out miguel cotto last year. it would also put the rematch between the two in jeopardy as the suspension could be lentghened.

i just hope that margarito did not intend to cheat. and yeah, congratulations to shane mosley for winning the bout. now who will fight paul williams? :D


i want a famas f1 airsoft gun!

airsoft is slowly becoming a popular sport in the philippines and other parts of the world. i guess it has to do with men's obsession with things that go boom! but not everyone can afford a gun or even use it regularly. so for us who love guns but cannot afford to buy a real steel, airsoft is the next best thing.

it is not about just having a gun though. playing this game can teach you a lot in life like honesty and integrity. it will test your will and stamina too. it is also a thinking game as you have to plan your strategy and follow it to the letter if you want to eliminate all opponents. this and the camaraderie between airsoft players are what makes the sport so appealing to me.

now why do i want a famas f1? i guess it has someting to do with my addiction to counterstrike 1.6. i just love the way the gun looks and i am a fan of the bullpup design. i dig the steyr aug and the tavor but i love the famas f1. unfortunately, i don't think it is avaialble yet in the philippines... and worse, i still haven't save any money for it. T_T

so i'm making a promise to myself that i will save enough money to get me a famas f1. and yes, i'm planning to keep my current aeg, my cybergun thompson m1a1 i named maia. :D i guess saving enough money for a new pc would have to wait.

fantasy basketball week 14

wow, that's quite a jump ain't it? from week 1 to week 14 but hey, i'm not perfect (unlike jose calderon who is yet to miss a free throw this season). my lineup has changed drastically from the start of the season which shows i have been busy with it. in fact, i spend too much time researching all things that could impact my team that "teh gf" is complianing already. but i have my needs right?

anyway, i still got chris paul in the lineup and starting. if you have chris paul and you are not starting him, you are hopeless in fantasy basketball. the guy's a stud.

another starting guard for my team is jose calderon. i missed his productions for two weeks as i had to bench him following his injuries. but now he's back and is looking healthy. if only jose would score more, i think he can be a legit no. 1 fantasy option as he racks up a lot of assists.

my third guard is rodney stuckey. surprisingly, he went undrafted. luckily for me, i added stuckey before he became a solid fantasy player while starting for the pistons. now i wish coach curry would use an uptempo offense. it make sense as the pistons could put iverson, hamilton, stuckey, prince, and rasheed on the floor at one time and all these except wallace could run with the best of them. if that happens, then more production can be expected from stuckey fantasy-wise. please coach curry, read this post. :D

the fourth guard in my lineup is john salmons. with kevin martin still scoring in bunches, salmons has to play second fiddle but his production is still more than acceptable.

i use a fifth guard in the monta ellis in my flex position. his first game is a good indication that he is still a solid fantasy player. although "experts" may claim that his great plays in his first game is brought about by the energy of the home crowd, i refuse to accept the suggestion to bench him until he has proven that he truly is back. one game is enough for me when it comes to monta. plus, i need the win right now.

as for forwards, i traded lamarcus aldridge away for a then injured loul deng. back from his injury, deng is producing well and i may have made more out of that trade as it was a two for one with lamarcus being the "one".

i still got al thornton and there's no way i'm dropping him. with the injuries to kaman, baron davis, zach randolph, and marcus camby, thornton has provided much of the scoring for the clippers. this is the classic case of "best player in a bad team". one thing i learned about fantasy basketball: sometimes, an average player for a bad team could be a better fantasy option than an all-star in a stacked winning team.

my third forward is kenyon martin. just like salmons, he's not the alpha-male on his team but he can deliver. he has been consstent this year fantasy-wise that i expect not less than25 fantasy points per week for him with a 30-point week here and there.

i have to drop wilson chandler coming into this week as he was struggling and is even replaced in the starting lineup by al harrington. i also fear that danilo gallanari might cut into chandler's playing time. i picked up marvin williams for now. hopefully, williams will not be a letdown.

greg oden is finally slowly getting consistent. too bad i had to let him by week 11 after he killed me the previous week with awful outings. my starting center is now the big aristotle and i am crossing my fingers that the big guy does not succumb to any injury.

on my bench are two guys i can count on if i started them this week and a guy with a 20-10 average but not able to play yet.

ramon sessions is that one guy i could have started but i still have to see if he can be consistent. i'm betting that he will as charlie bell is not that much of a threat. plus, sessions has got the size and the offensive abilities to start at shooting guard. although i hate to see a player like redd sidelined for the rest of the season, i think his season-ending injury would turn out to be the catalyst for the emergence of ramon sessions.

brad miller is the other player i got for lamarcus. although brad miller is no longer in his prime, he can still produce well thanks to his above average passing ability. now i have someone to start at center if shaq gets injured.

the other guy on my bench must be someone's first round pick: carlos boozer. i was lucky to pick him off waivers and hopefully, milsap's emergence as a solid player for utah will not reduce boozer's minute and production when he comes back. and i hope he comes back soon. i desperately need to win a lot of games as i'm currently fifth in my league and if the fantasy playoffs started today, i would have an early exit.

how about your team? care to share? maybe you have made a post like this, if you did, just drop a link in the comments section and i'l surely read it. i desperately need someone to talk to regarding fantasy basketball as all my friends are not into this. :(

chris paul's 71 foints

nope, i did not misspell that. i do mean foints and not points. i read somewhere that it's what they call fantasy points nowadays, so there.

after weeks and weeks being lazy and not posting anything here (not that anyone cares), i suddenly found the urge to write and since i'm a crazed chris paul fan, here goes:

charis paul just racked up his fifth triple-double in the season to lead all nba players. his latest triple-double came at the expense of the philadelphia 76ers when cp3 dropped 27 points, grabbed 10 rebounds, and dished out 15 helpers. he also stole the ball 7 times and swatted a shot while turning the ball over 4 times. so using my league's scoring system, where every assist is worth 2 points, cp3 got:

27 points = 27
15 assists = 30
10 rebounds = 10
7 steals = 7
1 block = 1
4 turnovers = -4

27+30+10+7+1-4= 71 fantasy points

as a result of that "little" explosion from cp3, i'm enjoying quite a cushion over my opponent this week (more on that later). here's hoping cp3 can pull out a quadruple-double this season. :D

and here's the proof (as if you need any):