georges st. pierre vs. bj penn: it's on

ufc 94 is today! yeah, i know not yet in the states but in the philippines it's already january 31 so there. that means the showdown between two of the best mma fighters today is close at hand.

the fighters

on one hand, you have georges st. pierre, the reigning ufc welterweight champion . a freak of nature, st. pierre has come back from that loss to matt serra to wreak havoc in the welterweight division. the guy is known for his impressive cardio and his athletic ability.

on the other end, bj penn is the current ufc lightweight champion but opted to go up in weight to challenge st. pierre. i think that penn is one of the most gifted fighters to ever grace the octagon. he has that killer instinct, the drive to do whatever it takes to beat up his opponent whether by submission or knockout. he is known for being cool as ice. even when on his back, he does not panic, like a predator waiting patiently for his opponent to make a mistake.


in ufc 56, dana white announced that penn will be coming back to the ufc after bolting to k-1 afetr ufc 46. it was announced that at ufc 58, penn will be facing georges st. pierre with the winner becoming the number one contender to the welterweight championship held at that time by matt hughes.

georges st. pierre won that fight via split decision. that was how close the fight was. so although st. pierre has a win over penn, it is by no means a measuring stick to determine who will walk out of this fight as the victor.

with the win, st. pierre was slated to face hughes. during his training for the fight, st. pierre went down with an injury. with that, the ufc announced that penn would take st. pierre's place and fight hughes. penn lost that fight after sustaining a rib injury. after the welterweight fight, penn dropped back to lightweight and stayed there until he won the championship.

st. pierre on the other hand would wait until after the penn-hughes fight to take on the latter. st. pierre then beat hughes at ufc 65 to win the welterweight championship. he would lost that belt to matt serra though but after beating josh koscheck, hughes (again), and serra, st. pierre reclaimed the gold.

number one pound for pound?

both fighters are no doubt the best at what they do. they have the belts. that's why it's called a superfight. some would argue that the winner of this fight would certainly be the pound for pound king in mma. i would have to disagree though as the p4p title belongs to either anderson silva or fedor emelianenko.


i am not an mma expert but i don't see this fight going the distance. each of them can finish the fight at any given time. so predictions? none for this. i'm just gonna sit back and enjoy this superfight, for a superfight it really is.