ray allen not an all-star?

doc rivers must be mad right now. he said earlier this week that he is almost sure the boston three party will all be in the lineup come the all-star game. kevin garnett was voted as a starting forward for the east. that left the fate of paul pierce and ray allen in the hands of coaches in the eastern conference.

pierce got the nod, allen did not. instead, devin harris of the nets, joe johnson of the hawks, and jameer nelson of the orlando magic were named as guard reserves. this is the first time that harris and nelson were named as all-stars.

there is no doubt in my mind that devin harris is a definite all-star this year. in fact, one could argue that he should start for the east. that means jameer nelson is the one who displaced allen out of the lineup. were the coaches right?

doc rivers beg to differ. he said: "to have only two (of the three picked) would be a crime because coaches all over the league talk about getting players to sacrifice, and then when (the players) do and the coaches vote, if they don’t (vote in Allen), they’re being hypocritical. They are voting for numbers instead of sacrificing for wins and efficiency".

i agree with doc right there. but, if he meant the nets having less wins should translate to devin harris not being on the all-star team, i would disagree. the nets have become a pleasant surprise this year and that is all thanks to harris' improvement. this guy has provided the leadership that the nets were lacking with the departure of kidd. sure, harris has the numbers, but he also plays to win.

as for jameer nelson, i agree that he got the nod over allen. as efficient as allen is, i think nelson's stellar play as of late is one of the main reasons why the magic is one of the best teams in the league. last year when he was struggling, the magic were a good team but not good enough to win a championship. this year nelson brings much more to the table with his leadership and that has made the magic team a lot tougher than they were last year.

ray allen might not be in phoenix come the all-star weekend but i do think that he is still an all-star. it's just that there's too many good players out there this year that one good player has sit this one out.