i want a famas f1 airsoft gun!

airsoft is slowly becoming a popular sport in the philippines and other parts of the world. i guess it has to do with men's obsession with things that go boom! but not everyone can afford a gun or even use it regularly. so for us who love guns but cannot afford to buy a real steel, airsoft is the next best thing.

it is not about just having a gun though. playing this game can teach you a lot in life like honesty and integrity. it will test your will and stamina too. it is also a thinking game as you have to plan your strategy and follow it to the letter if you want to eliminate all opponents. this and the camaraderie between airsoft players are what makes the sport so appealing to me.

now why do i want a famas f1? i guess it has someting to do with my addiction to counterstrike 1.6. i just love the way the gun looks and i am a fan of the bullpup design. i dig the steyr aug and the tavor but i love the famas f1. unfortunately, i don't think it is avaialble yet in the philippines... and worse, i still haven't save any money for it. T_T

so i'm making a promise to myself that i will save enough money to get me a famas f1. and yes, i'm planning to keep my current aeg, my cybergun thompson m1a1 i named maia. :D i guess saving enough money for a new pc would have to wait.