fantasy basketball week 14

wow, that's quite a jump ain't it? from week 1 to week 14 but hey, i'm not perfect (unlike jose calderon who is yet to miss a free throw this season). my lineup has changed drastically from the start of the season which shows i have been busy with it. in fact, i spend too much time researching all things that could impact my team that "teh gf" is complianing already. but i have my needs right?

anyway, i still got chris paul in the lineup and starting. if you have chris paul and you are not starting him, you are hopeless in fantasy basketball. the guy's a stud.

another starting guard for my team is jose calderon. i missed his productions for two weeks as i had to bench him following his injuries. but now he's back and is looking healthy. if only jose would score more, i think he can be a legit no. 1 fantasy option as he racks up a lot of assists.

my third guard is rodney stuckey. surprisingly, he went undrafted. luckily for me, i added stuckey before he became a solid fantasy player while starting for the pistons. now i wish coach curry would use an uptempo offense. it make sense as the pistons could put iverson, hamilton, stuckey, prince, and rasheed on the floor at one time and all these except wallace could run with the best of them. if that happens, then more production can be expected from stuckey fantasy-wise. please coach curry, read this post. :D

the fourth guard in my lineup is john salmons. with kevin martin still scoring in bunches, salmons has to play second fiddle but his production is still more than acceptable.

i use a fifth guard in the monta ellis in my flex position. his first game is a good indication that he is still a solid fantasy player. although "experts" may claim that his great plays in his first game is brought about by the energy of the home crowd, i refuse to accept the suggestion to bench him until he has proven that he truly is back. one game is enough for me when it comes to monta. plus, i need the win right now.

as for forwards, i traded lamarcus aldridge away for a then injured loul deng. back from his injury, deng is producing well and i may have made more out of that trade as it was a two for one with lamarcus being the "one".

i still got al thornton and there's no way i'm dropping him. with the injuries to kaman, baron davis, zach randolph, and marcus camby, thornton has provided much of the scoring for the clippers. this is the classic case of "best player in a bad team". one thing i learned about fantasy basketball: sometimes, an average player for a bad team could be a better fantasy option than an all-star in a stacked winning team.

my third forward is kenyon martin. just like salmons, he's not the alpha-male on his team but he can deliver. he has been consstent this year fantasy-wise that i expect not less than25 fantasy points per week for him with a 30-point week here and there.

i have to drop wilson chandler coming into this week as he was struggling and is even replaced in the starting lineup by al harrington. i also fear that danilo gallanari might cut into chandler's playing time. i picked up marvin williams for now. hopefully, williams will not be a letdown.

greg oden is finally slowly getting consistent. too bad i had to let him by week 11 after he killed me the previous week with awful outings. my starting center is now the big aristotle and i am crossing my fingers that the big guy does not succumb to any injury.

on my bench are two guys i can count on if i started them this week and a guy with a 20-10 average but not able to play yet.

ramon sessions is that one guy i could have started but i still have to see if he can be consistent. i'm betting that he will as charlie bell is not that much of a threat. plus, sessions has got the size and the offensive abilities to start at shooting guard. although i hate to see a player like redd sidelined for the rest of the season, i think his season-ending injury would turn out to be the catalyst for the emergence of ramon sessions.

brad miller is the other player i got for lamarcus. although brad miller is no longer in his prime, he can still produce well thanks to his above average passing ability. now i have someone to start at center if shaq gets injured.

the other guy on my bench must be someone's first round pick: carlos boozer. i was lucky to pick him off waivers and hopefully, milsap's emergence as a solid player for utah will not reduce boozer's minute and production when he comes back. and i hope he comes back soon. i desperately need to win a lot of games as i'm currently fifth in my league and if the fantasy playoffs started today, i would have an early exit.

how about your team? care to share? maybe you have made a post like this, if you did, just drop a link in the comments section and i'l surely read it. i desperately need someone to talk to regarding fantasy basketball as all my friends are not into this. :(