chris paul's 71 foints

nope, i did not misspell that. i do mean foints and not points. i read somewhere that it's what they call fantasy points nowadays, so there.

after weeks and weeks being lazy and not posting anything here (not that anyone cares), i suddenly found the urge to write and since i'm a crazed chris paul fan, here goes:

charis paul just racked up his fifth triple-double in the season to lead all nba players. his latest triple-double came at the expense of the philadelphia 76ers when cp3 dropped 27 points, grabbed 10 rebounds, and dished out 15 helpers. he also stole the ball 7 times and swatted a shot while turning the ball over 4 times. so using my league's scoring system, where every assist is worth 2 points, cp3 got:

27 points = 27
15 assists = 30
10 rebounds = 10
7 steals = 7
1 block = 1
4 turnovers = -4

27+30+10+7+1-4= 71 fantasy points

as a result of that "little" explosion from cp3, i'm enjoying quite a cushion over my opponent this week (more on that later). here's hoping cp3 can pull out a quadruple-double this season. :D

and here's the proof (as if you need any):