fantasy basketball mid-week musings week 1

two days into the nba season and my fingers are already itching to post some of my thoughts about my fantasy basketball lineup. from the previous post, you can see my picks and this time, i'm gonna try to squeeze something out of my head to rate how well my players did on their first game/s.

to start it off, chris paul had a good game in their season opener against the warriors. he racked up 21 points, 11 assists, 5 rebounds, 3 steals., and a block but he committed 3 turnovers. so in cbs' head-to-head format, he got 49 points for his first game. not bad really as he has the most fantasy points of all players in the league. if you have chris paul in your lineup, don't trade him and always put him in the starting lineup.

moving on to jose calderon. people are expecting this year to be the "real" breakout season for this guy as he does not have to compete with t.j. ford for playing time. his first game though is not that good although not too shabby either. but i expected at least a double-double for him in points and assists. but that's just the first game and he just might be warming up so leave him in your starting lineup.

then, there's greg oden. the big man's down again with a leg injury and will be out for at least two weeks. now i have to scramble for a center to take his spot for next week. if you have him in your team, don't give up on the big guy just yet. just hand on to him at least until he gets healthy.

lamarcus aldridge had a rough season opener but i expect better from him especially with oden sidelined. expect the big guy to get more touches.

fifth is al thornton. he had a great first half in their first game against the lakers but the clippers just fizzled out or the lakers did really step it up. it is still safe to start this guy as i expect him to have a breakout season and i still stand by my assumption that he will be baron davis' stack jack in l.a.

john salmons is back to his stat-stuffing form from last year. in his first game, he posted a team-high 24 points and dished out 8 assists and corralling 5 rebounds while committing only 2 turnovers. i think the most improved player award this year will either go to salmons or thornton. but then again, i'm no expert so don't take that to the bank...yet.

wow! ramon sessions hasn't even played a minute! if you have him in your roster, don't start him. but as for me, i'm gonna stick with this guy. after all, i was foolish enough to take him over scoring machine kevin martin.

my bet for the rookie of the year and sixth man of the year is this guy: rudy fernandez. he showed that he can play in the nba. in fact, people expecting him to at least have a few games in the league to get the feel for it must have been impressed with the way he carried himself in their opening game against the best in the west last season. keep starting this guy if you have him.

kenyon martin. to tell you the truth, i never expected much from k-mart with iverson and carmelo anthony getting more touches but his first game showed that he still can ball. of course, he could have had ammased 30 fanatsy points because anthony is still suspended.

francisco garcia...is injured so play it by ear as he could be back before next week so let's see what he can do first.

love kevin love. this guys should start alongside al jefferson. in his debut, love proved that the twolves are right when they acquired him from memphis. the season is still very young and love would surely improve his production.

by the way, i dropped antonio mcdyess and picked up stephon marbury and dropped starbury to get wilson chandler. the other chandler scored 17 points and grabbed 9 rebounds. not bad eh? he could be starting soon for my team if scott skiles still does not let ramon sessions play.

andrea bargnani. this guy is rumored to have improved in the offseason but we still have to see what he can do especially with jermaine o'neal and chris bosh sharing the front court with him. am gonna start him on center next week whatever happens though as i can't find any good center to replace oden.

by the way, after two days, and ramon sessions still scoreless and oden registering only 4 fantasy points, my team is just down by 2.5 points. i expect that lead to balloon though as my opponent still has josh howard to accumulate fantasy points for the first week. :( that's it for now.


nba fantasy basketball draft: my picks

for people who want to know what it's like to be an nba team owner, a fantasy league is the closest answer. and with me following nba news so much, i once again signed up for a new team over at CBS Sports.draft day came and this is what i got for the 2008-09 nba fantasy basketball season:

1. chris paul (g)- i could have picked lebron over cp3 since i had the first pick in the draft. but, since it's a head-to-head league where assists are worth two points, i assumed that chris paul's mad passing skills would overcome james' rebounding numbers. plus, chris paul is the main reason why i won the championship in our league last year so i want an encore. hehe

2. jose calderon (g)- last year, i picked up calderon from the waivers and his assists numbers was so impressive that i just had to take him back, even if it means grabbing him while tim duncan, chris bosh, chris kaman, and rudy gay are still on the board. i just hope that calderon's ankle would heal properly.

3. greg oden (c)- with dwight howard, amare stoudemire, and al jefferson gone, i settled for greg oden although (as stated above) chris kaman, and pau gasol are still on the board. i'm still nervous about this pick since portland's got a very talented lineup with brandon roy and lamarcus aldridge so oden might not get a lot of shots in his first year. on the flipside, oden could be a monster on the boards and although projected to have about 12 points and 8 rebounds in his first year, i think he can grab a 20-10 on some nights.

4. lamarcus aldridge (f)- i was surprised to see aldridge still on the boards in the fourth round. being in need of a forward, i drafted him immediately. lamarcus was good last year and could only get better. my only concern about him albeit a small one is if greg oden plays like an all-star it would mean less touches for aldridge. if that happens then, i still have oden. haha

5. al thornton (f)- the sophomore from the clippers may have been flying under the radar of other team owners since i still got him in the fifth round. last year, he was inconsistent but when he's on fire, he's really on fire. thornton is another guy along with paul and calderon i had in my lineup last year and i think he will get better this season as brand is gone and he should get more minutes this season than tim thomas. i'm also counting on him being baron davis' stephen jackson on the clippers.

6. john salmons (g)- last year, i also picked up salmons from the waivers and boy he delivered. without bibby, martin, and artest early last season, salmons showed he can ball with the best of them. with the return of martin, his playing time was reduced and he was no longer as productive as early in the season. so why did i draft salmons when martin is still with the kings? well, artest is gone and that could mean more playing time for salmons.

7. ramon sessions (g)- ramon who? sure, kevin martin, manu ginobili, monta ellis, al horford, and gilbert arenas were still available in the seventh round but i just had to have sessions, he played amazing basketball towards the end of last season for the bucks which caught my attention. with mo williams now with the cavs, sessions would only have to beat luke ridnour for the starting job in milwaukee.

8. rudy fernandez (g)- with four guards, a center and two forwards, you might think that i would have gone for a center or a forward for my eighth pick. but i did not pick andrei kirilenko (even though he was part of my last year's team), boris diaw, nor jamario moon but drafted portland's rudy fernandez. why? i think he's good and ready for the nba. while brandon roy would have to be the blazers' go-to-guy, i think rudy can be a really good addition to any team especially the talented-laden blazers team. with aldridge down low, i think rudy can rack up a lot of assists for the team.

9. kenyon martin (f)- sure he's 30 and has been on the operating table alot but he's not done. with marcus camby out of denver, who would fill in the rebounding void for the nuggets? nene? i don't really think so. k-mart will be the one. add to that the fact that kenyon martin can really score.

10. francisco garcia (f)- needing a forward, i searched down the list for any good forwards left. i noticed garcia and for the reason that artest will no longer be donning the kings jersey this coming season, i drafted the guy. i had garcia on the team last year and he was good when given the minutes so i'm counting on him to be better this season.

11. kevin love (f)- while some people think that love does not have an nba-ready body, i think he can thrive in minnesota with al jefferson. sure, al would have the most touches but don't count out love and his mid-range shooting. it might be even possible that he will get the starting job of center while al jefferson slides to power forward. that would mean a couple of blocks or so a game and more rebounds.

12. antonio mcdyess (f)- the diceman was part of my original lineup last season but i had to let him go to clear space. i can't remember who i got after i dumped mcdyess but it might have been shaq. but i do remember that i regret letting this guy go after posting good numbers last season. this year, he's once again on my reserve list and i'm thinking about lettting him go again if that was the reason why i won last year (hehehe), or keep him so i don't regret letting him go again (more hehe).

13. andrea bargnani (c)- without a reserved center (kevin love still does not count), i had to pick bargnani. his upside: he could be playing small forward this season which means more playing time since jermaine o'neal would surely start as center. i just hope that this season will be the breakout year for this number 1 draft pick in 2006.

so that's it for my lineup. do you think it's any good? do i need to trade someone away? am i right in taking chris paul over lebron james? was the ramon sessions decision any good? or is it plain dumb? hehehe. is rudy fernandez ready for the nba to help portland and my fantasy team? please, i'm running out of questions here, so any feedback would do.


randy couture back in the ufc, will fight brock lesnar

after affliction made the match between fedor and tim sylvia earlier this year, i thought fedor would be an irresistible bait for randy couture to join affliction's next show. but i was proven wrong as randy has now rejoined the ufc. now, would fedor finally jump to the ufc? god i hope so.

couture's first fight after ironing out his differences with the ufc management will be against wwe's next big thing. yup! it's couture vs. lesnar, november 15, mgm grand, las vegas... mark that down folks. this is a battle which holds a lot of promise.

after beating heath herring, lesnar finally proved that he belongs in the ufc. but with only 3 mma fights under his belt, will the 31 year old be able to fight the natural, captain america himself, randy effin' couture? we'll see soon enough.

now at 45, couture can be considered ancient especially that he is in a sport which takes a lot of toll on one's body. but after his battles with the best that mma or the ufc has to offer, we all know that this guy can fight. so i'm not betting yet against the natural.

if lesnar choose to trade punches with couture, i'm sure randy would oblige. if brock wants the fight on the ground, couture can fight there too. but then again, come november 15, randy couture will not only be fighting brock lesnar, he will also be fighting father time. now, i'm starting to favor brock.

now, predictions predictions... i want couture to win but i think brock will be too much for him to handle...


my first post using google's chrome

yay! after hours and hours of waiting, finally, i got to download google's new web browser, Chrome. and my first impression is that it's effin' awesome. what i first noticed about using chrome is that it makes my monitor look bigger than it really is.

it is true what google said that you would not even notice the browser. while using chrome, you might not even notice the navigation toolbar. one thing that i'm not totally pleased about chrome is that there seems to be no way (yet) to install a google toolbar in the browser.

so, from now on, i'd be using firefox 3 for business and chrome for pleasure since i can't add an seopen toolbar in chrome. hope google (or anyone for that matter) can come up with a way to add the google toolbar and the seopen toolbar to this new web browser.

update: click the chrome logo to download the newest (& fastest?) browser in town.


Excited To Try Google's New Web Browser

folks, this post is not about sports. this is about google taking on microsoft's internet explorer and mozilla's firefox. you see, apart from sports, i am also into the whole world wide web thingy. hehehe..

i love my firefox but i'm really excited to try google's new web browser called "chrome". it's not that i'm unhappy with firefox but i just want to give this new browser a try. for more, check out this official post on google's official blog: official google blog: a fresh take on the browser

and for the story with illustration (read: comic strip) click here. after reading the said strip, i became even more excited to try this browser. google said it will be available to download in 100 countries on tuesday. it's already tuesday here in the philippines so i'm just gonna wait around and see if i can score me a chrome today. hehehe...


my new sport

being sports-minded, i'm always open to try new sports as long as i can cram it into my busy schedule. so, after the green team was eliminated from our basketball tournament, i decided to give airsoft a go.

egged on by my officemates jad, lenard, and john, i purchased my own AEG, a type of airsoft gun. i bought mine from sir sonny and i must say that i am truly impressed with the thompson m1a1 i got from him. so for all filipinos out there looking for a trusted seller of airsoft guns in the philippines, i would definitely recommend sir sonny. i have yet to take a good pic of my tommy gun so i'm gonna post more pictures of it here later on. for now, all i got is this:
although a newbie or greenhorn or a rookie (or whatever they call newcomers to the sport), i have already participated in a large-scale game. it was the jungle blizzard in iriga city. i did not come prepared for the said game as i do not have vests or battle dress uniform for that matter. but i managed to score two knife kills (wOOt!) hehehe...

i'm also thinking about buying a pistol and having a guitar case redesigned to carry my gun as it's quite bulky and would not fit into my montanara daypack. but with no funds yet, i have to settle on carrying it around on a guitar case padded with my jacket and other stuff. and since i don't know what to add further, am gonna cut this rant right here. ehehe

ewing jr. shipped to new york knicks

this space in teh internetz has been forsaken as of late due to the author's busy schedule or laziness (i'm betting on the latter). before this space lose its page rank, i decided it's time once again to update it and start with ewing going back to the new york knicks.

patrick ewing, (the junior version that is) has been shipped by the houston rockets to the knicks in exchange for the rights to frederic weis. weis if you remember is the french 7-footer drafted in 1999 but never played in the nba. and oh yeah, he was on the receiving end of vince carter's dunk of death.

ewing was drafted this year by the sacramento kings in the second round and was shipped to the rockets in the ron artest trade earlier. now this gets a little interesting as frederic weis was picked 15th overall by the knicks in 1999 even though ron artest was still available. sure, only a handful of people back then had an idea that artest would be one of the best lockdown defenders in the nba but he is from queens and new york fans were angered by the fact that the knicks picked the french guy over a player from their own state. so, artest and weis has a history in a matter of speaking and this trade adds another chapter to that.

for knicks fans such as this writer, i hope that ewing jr. will be a good addition to the team. that is not guaranteed though as the younger ewing is not even assured of a spot in the knicks' roster as they have now one player more than the maximum.

if we look at this as a symbolism, donnie walsh is exorcising the franchise's ghost in weis and adding a name knicks fans associate with the good times of new york basketball.


the clippers rollercoaster

the offseason have been occupied with talks about teams clearing cap space for 2010 when the class of lebron james, dwyane wade, and chris bosh become free agents. new jersey unloaded richard jefferson by trading him to the milwaukee bucks which made gilbert arenas say that he felt sorry for rj because, according to agent zero, nba players avoid playing for the bucks. the new york knicks are also said to be aiming to land the king when his contract with the cavs expires.

the offseason has also seen the draft decided between michael beasley and derrick rose with rose being picked first overall by the chicago bulls. but i think most of the stories in the offseason surrounded around the l.a. team almost everyone forgot to mention, the clippers.

before the start of last season, the clippers looked to make it to the playoffs but saw that hope crashing down when elton brand, the face of the franchise, suffered an injury in the offseason. without elton brand, the clippers might have expected their chances for success going down the drain.

while they have had a really bad season, there were alot to be happy about for the 2008-09 season. chris kaman had a breakout season and corey maggette also had a great season. rookie al thornton proved that he is ready to play in the nba. and during the last eight games of last season, elton brand played and showed that he can still be very productive.

then the offseason begun with both maggette and brand opting out of the last year of their contracts. both said that they are willing to sign with the clippers. that would have left clippers fan really nervous as we all know that alot of players sometimes don't mean what they say and don't really say what they mean. at this point, i was thinking that of the two, elton brand has the best chance of really coming back to the clippers.

with the news breaking out that barion davis has left the warriors to verbally agree to sign with the clippers, i sensed that there is a better chance that brand would come back while maggette might not as baron would be stealing his thunder. but lo and behold, elton brand bolted to the philadelphia 76ers. that would have broken the hearts of clippers fans.

but the offseason is not yet over and the clips know that. so what did they do? well, they got marcus camby, the three-time defensive player of the year for what could be nothing (see previous post). so, next season, they would have cuttino mobley, baron davis, al thornton (i'd take him any day over tim thomas), marcus camby, and chris kaman, and i'd say, that's a pretty good lineup. maybe they could shake things up in the western conference. clipper fans better pray that this rollercoaster ride end with the team this good.

marcus camby traded to the l.a. clippers

in a move done to clear cap space, marcus camby found himself dealt to the l.a. clippers for what could be nothing. you see, in the trade, the clippers got camby in exchange for a future conditional second-round draft pick. if next year, the denver nuggets get to pick ahead of the clippers in the second round, they would surely not avail of the compensation.

that would make dave winfield, the mlb outfielder traded for dinner, more valuable than camby. hehehe..

but seriously, i think that the addition of camby in the clippers' lineup makes the clip a stronger one although some might not categorize them as playoff contenders yet. with the starting lineup of cuttino mobley, baron davis, al thornton, camby, and chris kaman who came from a breakout season, i think the clippers would be even better than the nuggets.

sure, my predictions have been busted time and time again, but with the new look of the clippers for the next season, and being a big fan of camby since his new york days, i kinda have this feeling that they will be surprising a lot of people this upcoming season.


the melbourne cup awaits the next legend

in australia, even people who are not into horse racing know who phar lap is. for those who are not familiar with phar lap, here's a good article to read. among phar lap's accomplishments is winning "the race that stops a nation", the Melbourne Cup.

another horse that can be considered as a legend in the said race is makybe diva who won the prestigious Melbourne Cup three times. and the next legendary horse that will come out of Australia would definitely have to win the race even against long Melbourne Cup odds.

while the triple crown may be the most popular series of events in horse racing, one should not discount the Melbourne Cup as a lesser event. for more than one hundred years, the said event has squeezed great performances from horses. and this year i expect it to be better.

while most people will be attending the Melbourne Cup for the racing, some people would go there for the race and fashion. you see, at the Melbourne Cup, they have this award given to the best-dressed attendee.

but for most australians, the race is about the betting. most of the country's populace bet on Melbourne Cup. and of course, for more information about the odds at the said race, there is one place i would recommend and you can visit it here.

patrick ewing jr. a first pick?

you better believe that. yes, the son of hall of fame bound patrick ewing is the first pick this year in the draft... the harlem globetrotters' draft that is. while patrick ewing jr. has been drafted in the second round by the sacramento kings, the globetrotters may have seen something from him which no nba team has.

sure, you can say that the globetrotters play a different kind of game... and i will second that. hehehe. anyway, according to this report, the other picks were: "2008 State Farm College Slam Dunk Champion Sonny Weems of Arkansas, William Bullard of Texas A&MCorpus Christi, Siena long-distance marksman Tay Fisher, Sudanese big man Longar Longar of Oklahoma, and Auburn high-jumping sensation Donald Thomas, an Olympian hailing from the Bahamas and the reigning mens world indoor high jump champion."

where do you think ewing jr. would go? he might not be inked by the kings so i think he has a fallback now. he might not end up being a suprestar in the nba, but if he play with the globetrotters, he can escape his father's shadow and create a legacy of his own. what do you think?

barrera quits golden boy promotion

the babyface assassin, marco antonio barrera who played a major role in the rise of the newest pound-for-pound king manny pacquiao is looking to cut his ties with golden boy promotions. well, that might not be too much of a loss for golden boy, but considering barrera's popularity in mexico, they (golden boy promotions)would be hard-pressed to find someone who can fill the legend's shoe.

according to philboxing.com, barrera is not too keen on continuing his career with golden boy after it failed to give him a fight after he lost to pacquiao for the second time.

so what does the babyface assassin has in mind now? well, it looks like he will be contacting pacquiao to work on promoting boxing events between filipinos and mexican. as a filipino who has a lot of respect for mexican fighters, i would love to see this happen.

barrera has a stable of young fighters and so does pacquiao. they are both legends in their respective countries, and what more, their fighters fight in the same division. what would i like is for these boxers to setup some kind of a mexico versus the philippines tournament. fighters from both countries would benefit from this as they would be facing tough challengers which would give them a better feel for the championship fights in their future, sorta like the ultimate fighter.

back to rant

after seeing the hornets lose to the spurs in the western conference semis, i decided that the sports world truly hates me so i quit writing... not! but the hornets loosing that game 7 did took something out of the joy of sportswriting for me. so, i did not post anything about the west nor east finals and even the nba finals.

with the offseason offering a lot of things to write about, as well as the mlb in full swing, f1 championsip heating up, pacquiao rewriting asian boxing history, and lots more, i am officially back.

that's it for now, am gonna catch some Zs and be back to post some more.. like the babyface assassin cutting his ties with golden boy.


mixed martial arts is not all about the ufc

i still remember the first time i saw the octagon of the ultimate fighting championship and two combatants facing each other both willing to mete out punishment. back in 1993 when only eight fighters are entered in a ufc event, it is uncommon for fighters to wear MMA Gloves. after the initial years of the ufc though, fighters found out that having good MMA Gear is as important as fighting spirit, technical skills, devastating power, and lightning quick reflexes in the octagon.

apart from the Real Gear for Real Fighters worn by ufc fighters, much has changed in the landscape of the MMA world. today, mixed martial arts is growing so fast that new mma promotion companies have sprung out. take for example the elite xtreme combat or elitexc. the said outfit recently aired on primtime over cbs with kimbo slice headlining the event.

although a lot of mma fans are still not sold on slice, they surely are sold on fedor emelianenko. fedor is considered by many to be the best heavyweight mma fighter today. in fact, randy "captain america" couture wanted to fight fedor so much that he is now in a legal battle with the ufc because the ufc failed to sign fedor. but even if the ufc failed to sign the last emperor, he will still be fighting in the US in a card based out of Dallas, Texas as part of Mark Cuban's HDNet Fights promotion in an event to be co-promoted with Affliction, known as Affliction Banned.

the elitexc and affliction are just some of the numerous mma promotional outfits looking to fight the big dog in the form of the ufc. but dana white, ufc's outspoken president has come up with ways to figure out how to keep the ufc above all other promotions.

in the future, i expect more promotions to surface but i am all for the ufc becoming what the nba is to professional basketball.


manny ramirez needs one HR

i have been a fan of the boston red sox since they blew away the yankees in 2004 after being down 0-3. last year, when they went on to win the world series, i was rooting for them. although i'm a fan of the d'backs especially randy "the big unit" johnson and the giants with barry bonds, my allegiance is with the red sox.

so i am excited that manny ramirez is just a homerun away from being the 24th player in the league's history to hit 500 homers. although manny seems to be in a bit of a slump recently, number 500 i believe is just around the corner. his 499th career homer came in tuesday's game against the seattle mariners. they lost the game and i think manny would rather have the W than his 499th homer.

here's hoping that manny's 500th career homerun will power the red sox to a win. how about a grand slam on the bottom of the ninth with the red sox down by three?


you're killing your brother

Bloggers Unite

am joining bloggers around the world in condemning human rights violation. there's a lot of things i can say about this as a friend of mine was gunned down for his beliefs. but i would rather have bob marley spread the word that we should stop this unnecessary war as we are only killing our own brothers.

war by bob marley
until the philosophy which hold one race
superior and another inferior
is finally and permanently discredited and abandoned
everywhere is war, me say war

that until there are no longer first class
and second class citizens of any nation
until the color of a man's skin
is of no more significance than the color of his eyes
me say war

that until the basic human rights are equally
guaranteed to all, without regard to race
dis a war

that until that day
the dream of lasting peace, world citizenship
rule of international morality
will remain but a fleeting illusion
to be pursued, but never attained
now everywhere is war, war

and until the ignoble and unhappy regimes
that hold our brothers in angola, in mozambique,
south africa sub-human bondage
have been toppled, utterly destroyed
well, everywhere is war, me say war

war in the east, war in the west
war up north, war down south
war, war, rumours of war

and until that day, the african continent
will not know peace, we africans will fight
we find it necessary and we know we shall win
as we are confident in the victory

of good over evil, good over evil, good over evil
good over evil, good over evil, good over evil

everytime i hear this song (of course using the headphones borrowed from halley), i always think about our brothers and sisters around the world being gunned down, dying of hunger, lacking food, and ill-treated. we need to stop this madness. sure, attaining world peace is almost impossible but we have to work towards attaining that goal. after all, we might not be africans, but we have to be confident in the victory of good over evil.

- - -

Found at bee mp3 search engine


they want the lakers vs. spurs series

the hornets lost two games in san antonio. the lakers lost twice in salt lake city. both series are tied and there have been a lot of predictions on how the rest of the games in these two series will go. san antonio looks like the champions that they are but the series is going back to new orleans. the lakers' kobe bryant is hurting and andrew bynum will likely be out for the postseason.

one cannot deny that the hornets can topple the might spurs and the jazz can finally reach the western finals after years of frustration. but tv people are rooting for a spurs-lakers showdown. the reason is starpower. los angeles is known for its popular citizens and san antonio is popular because they have the spurs winning the championship every other year.

if the hornets and the jazz advance to the finals, tv people are afraid that supporters outside utah and new orleans would sleep. sure, that's a possibility. but what about the deron williams versus chris paul story line? is that not enough for people to follow a jazz-hornets series?

so go on, root for the spurs and the lakers because they have the starpower to draw a lot of people to watch the western conference finals. root for them because you can easily name players from both teams. but don't count out the jazz because they do not have a "superstar". do not count out the hornets because they lack the experience that the spurs have.

tuesday hoops

me and frnz and chayeee have been playing hoops for a few months now on tuesdays, thursdays and sundays. and since today is tuesday, we're off again after work to the hardcourt. here's hoping that i don't screw up again on those easy layups i have been missing almost every game.

chayeee has always played like kobe, frnz plays like allen iverson, and olops, they say he's the ronny turiaf of our group but he plays like a ben wallace on defense but with more offensive production. me, i'm not too good at it so i am wishing i have basketball hoops at home where i can practice. and if only i could afford one, i think i'd buy one from dazadi. i mean for a sports-inclined person like me, dazadi is the perfect place to shop as they have all the right products from basketball hoops to billiards tables.

look at it this way, if i want to have my own court at home, i would not only need hoops right? i would also need to have the right basketball court dimensions. sure, i can just put up an inground basketball hoops at home and use spray paint to mark the freethrow line and the three-point territory but that just wouldn't cut it for me. thus, it would be great to have one of those stencil kit from dazadi which i can use to properly mark the court with.

would a basketball court at home help me with my game though? i think it would. but i would have to shoot a thousand jumpshots and dribble a million more before i can match chayee and frnz's games.


hornets beat spurs in game 1

let me start it off with this play-by-play call on cbs starting with the foul on bruce bowen:

NO 1:15
Chris Paul made Slam Dunk (17 PTS)
SA 1:22
Lost ball turnover on Brent Barry, Stolen by Chris Paul
NO 1:39
Chris Paul made Finger-roll Layup
NO 1:50
Defensive Rebound by Chris Paul
NO 1:50
Chris Paul missed 2nd of 2 Free Throws
NO 1:50
Chris Paul made 1st of 2 Free Throws
SA 1:50
Shooting foul on Bruce Bowen

yup!, that's all paul. but as you can see, paul only scored 17 points. that means somebody from the hornets took the responsibility of scoring and that guy is david west who scored 30 for the number 2 seed hornets en route to to a 110-82 win over the san antonio spurs. peja stojakovic added 22 while tyson chandler grabbed 15 rebounds.

as for paul, he was in foul trouble in the first half with three personal fouls before halftime. cp3 also struggled from the field missing all his jumpshots in the first half. he came alive in the second half and finished the game with 17 points and 13 assists.

early on, the spurs' three point shooting had the hornets trailing. bruce bowen hit five out of ten from the three-point range. the defensive specialist took no shot inside the arc and finished with 17. unfortunately for the spurs, bowen wasn't able to continue his hot shooting in the second half.

one reason for the spurs losing in game 1 is tim duncan's poor shooting night. duncan missed all 5 jumpers and only made one out four layups as well as making only 3 out of his 6 freethrows. duncan had his worst playoff game ever with only 5 points and 3 rebounds to show for 39 minutes of play.

for the hornets, david west's dominance inside the paint is one of the key to this W. the all-star forward made 13 of 23 shots. also, gawen deangelo, once again played well against the spurs... gawen who? hehehe.. that's bonzi wells' given name. bonzi wells scored ten points in 19 minutes for the hornets.

game 2 will still be played in new orleans and i hope the hornets win another one. geaux hornets!

the game was delayed after the first quarter after a 'ring of fire' through which the hornets mascot, super hugo soared for a dunk refused to cooperate with the maintenance crew's attempt to put it out with carbon dioxide fire extinguishers. out came the foam fire extinguishers which resulted in a messy fire-fighting campaign which left the floor all littered up with the remnants of the flaming hoop and foam of course.

kobe won mvp race?

the la times reported that kobe bryant has won the mvp balloting. lakers fans are surely celebrating. for their sake, i hope this is the real deal. i don't know what kobe fans would say if the la times somehow got it wrong.

well, espn quoted the story so it might be true. but since it is not yet announced, i'm still arguing that cp3 is the mvp this season.

fox sports also quoted the report. one comment caught my attention and it goes something like kobe finally playing good team basketball as gasol has improved his game after joining the lakers mid-season. hmmm... gasol's a great player and the reason why he is performing better in los angeles is that he plays with kobe.

any player of gasol's caliber would benefit from having a teammate who draws a flock of defenders every game. so, i'm not buying that reasoning. sure, playing with kobe has improved gasol's chances of scoring and rebounding, but i don't think it is proper to say kobe has helped gasol improve.

also, this bit from the la times' report caught my attention:

"The Lakers usually let the fortunes of their players rest on their own achievements, but the team took the added step of creating a Bryant-for-MVP campaign by sending material to NBA writers around the league.

The concept mimicked an old-style political election campaign and consisted of bumper stickers, campaign buttons, red suspenders and a letter from "campaign manager" Jerry Buss, who urged writers to vote for Bryant."

lol... no need to do that mr. jerry buss sir. actually, that makes the mvp voting quite comical, in my humble opinion that is.


kevin durant is rookie of the year

last year's draft saw the portland trailblazers picking up greg oden with their first pick. then, seattle went with kevin durant and durant would go on to become this season's rookie of the year (uhm, rookie of what year exactly? shouldn't it be called the rookie of the season or something? hehehe).

the university of texas standout, a 6'9" swingman with a wingspan of almost 7'5" led all rookies in scoring with 20.3 per contest. i must admit that i was more interested in oden as i was wondering how he (oden) will be able to match up with the league's premier big men. but durant showed that at his young age, he can ball with the best in the nba.

i also admire the kid's professionalism, his dedication to his craft. in the first months of this season, he kept shooting threes which really hurt his shooting percentage. but he soon learned that it would be easier to make shots if he throw them up closer to the rim. by the end of the regular season, durant was shooting 43 percent from the field.

facts about kevin durant: he wears number 35 to honor his former coach charles craig who was shot to death at age 35. also, he received the rookie of the year award on april 30 this year, three years after craig was murdered. he had his first career double-double in the last game of the regular season with a career-high 42 points and 13 rebounds.

i don't know how sonics fans feel about kevin winning the ROY award. i mean, they have watched this kid perform at such a high level against grizzled veterans this season and immediately captured their adoration (generally of course), but next season, kevin may no longer play for seattle as the new ownership is now cleared to move the team to oklahoma city pending the outcome of lawsuits filed against the move. i just wish the sonics would just settle in seattle...i mean, to me, the supersonics will always be the seattle supersonics.


its the san antonio spurs vs. new orleans hornets

the hornets dispatched the mavs. the spurs proved me wrong and made me a believer in yogi berra's quote "it's tough to make predictions, especially about the future."

the tables are set and i can't wait for the second round to start in the west. it would be the grizzled veterans versus the young upstarts. the favorite to win it all again, the san antonio spurs, versus the team a few expected to make it to the playoffs nor get past the first round, the new orleans hornets.

the san antonio spurs is not overrated nor underrated. they are simply under-appreciated. but with the exciting plays of manu ginobili and tony parker, i find that really perplexing. maybe its the way they dominate other teams which made them, well, boring to some. tim duncan is no kevin garnett. he does not have the flashy moves of other nba superstars playing his position. but timmy knows how to win, and make it look easy.

with the spurs' big three and a deep bench, they can easily beat the hornets. but can they do it?

i am rooting for the hornets but i am not picking any team to win this series. i'm just gonna sit back and see who will go on to the western conference finals. so, can the hornets do what the suns cannot?

before the playoffs started, there were doubts as to how chris paul & co will handle the pressure of playing in the big stage. i think chris paul showed that he can thrive in the playoffs as well as david west and jannero pargo after dropping the mavs in 5.

they do not have a very deep bench and that may count against them. if julian wright can somehow step up his game, maybe he can be the x-factor in this series. call me crazy but i think with wright's athleticism, he can guard parker just like boris diaw did in game 4 of the suns-spurs series.

in the regular season, the spurs and and the hornets split their four-game schedule. in the two wins of the hornets over the suns, it was david west who punished them so i expect the spurs to find a way to keep west's production down.

predictions predictions... hehehe.. none for this series... but... geaux hornets!!!

detroit pistons takes 3-2 lead over philadelphia 76ers

finally, andre iguodala got his game going in the playoffs this year. but his 21 points, 5 rebounds, and 6 assists were just not enough to beat the determined pistons who became the first team in their series to win back-to-back games. final tally of game 5 of the-best-of-seven series
is 98-81.

ai2 or iggy as iguodala is often called has had a bit of a slump entering the first four games of the series. but when he stepped up his game, his teammates got cold. frustrating eh?

andre miller who has just been amazing in the first four games only finished with 13 points after missing nine in the first half. miller, iguodala, and sophomore louis williams were the only sixers to reach double figures with williams scoring 16 off the bench.

chauncey billups led the second-seed pistons with 21 points and 12 assists. richard hamilton scored 20, rasheed came up with 19, and tayshaun prince with 17.

game 6 will be in philadelphia and the sixers will be looking to take care of their homecourt to extend the series to its limit. i expect andre miller to be back to his old self again come game 6 and if iguodala bring his a-game, then there is a good possibility that this series will go back to detroit.


chris paul's triple double powered hornets over mavs

the new orleans hornets will now be advancing to the second round of the nba playoffs after they dispatched the dallas mavericks 99-94 in game 5 of their best -of-seven series. leading the way as usual is chris paul who came up with a triple-double posting 24 points, 15 assists, and 11 rebounds. david west scored 25 points for the hornets and tyson chandler came up with another double-double with 10 points and 14 rebounds.

this means the hornets will be facing the winner of the spurs-suns series which i predicted to be taken by the suns. but then again, i could be wrong, just as wrong as predicting that the nuggets will win over the lakers in 6 games.

you know you've got a problem when your starting center has fewer rebounds than the opposing team's pointguard. now, chris paul is not known as a good rebounding pointguard, that distinction is owned by the mavs' jason kidd. but in game 5, chris paul showed that he can do what kidd can do.

apart from eliminating the mavs and kidd from this year's playoffs, chris paul looks to be taking away kidd's spot on the us olympic men's basketball team. byron scott, who, before game 5 was handed the NBA coach of the year award also got his payback after kidd got him kicked out of new jersey. some sweet revenge huh?

will this first-round exit cost avery johnson his job? probably. is the door closing on kidd and dirk to win a championship ring? i wouldn't count on these two just fading away next year. they have the whole off-season to get to know each other better in terms of their playing style. with kidd being a great court general, i think the mavs will be a good team next year. they just need to get josh howard off the weed though. hehehe...

brandon bass. this guy has the potential to possibly become a huge offensive and defensive threat. if the mavs can help bass become an intimidating force inside the paint, then they will have the trifecta to become a legit contender in the east. a good rebounding-passing guard in kidd, a sweet shooting forward in nowitzki and a potent inside threat in bass.

as for the hornets, i'm still rooting for them and here's hoping that they can make it all the way. :D geaux hornets!


cska moscow players in the nba playoffs

while it is unfortunate that i cannot follow what is going on in the euroleague, i am still interested about the league. after all, great players in the nba came from europe. also reports about the nba expanding to europe got me more interested on who's who in the euroleague.

since its playoffs time in the nba, i started a bit of a research to kill time actually and found a list of notable players from cska moscow who made it to the nba. the list included three names which i am familiar with and they are on teams still playing after the regular season.

first is ak-47, andrei kirilenko. yep, he's still playing for the jazz although he is no longer the ak-47 before the arrival of carlos boozer and deron williams. the russian though proved that he can still score after leading the jazz in game 1 of their best-of-seven series against the houston rockets.

a bit of a trivia on adrei kirilenko: this guy came up with a statline considered to be one of the closest to a quintuple-double in a game against the los angeles lakers on january 3, 2006. he posted 14 points, 8 rebounds, 9 assists, 6 steals, and 7 blocks. although he failed to record even a double-double, he was the latest player to record a 5x6. that's posting at least six at least 6 points, 6 rebounds, 6 assists, 6 blocks, and 6 steals.

another former cska moscow playing in this year's playoffs is gordan giricek suiting up for the phoenix suns. the suns is the third team for this shooting guard this season. he started with the jazz along with kirilenko but had a falling out with coach jerry sloan. he was then traded to the 76ers in december last year for kyle korver. the sixers then waived giricek and the suns signed him up for the rest of the season.

the third player from cska moscow with a team in the playoffs is darius songaila playing for the washington wizards. songaila started his nba career with the sacramento kings, then suited up for the chicago bulls before signing a five-year, $23 million contract with the wizards.

by the way, cska moscow will be looking to win the euroleague championship when it clashes with tau ceramica in the semis on may 2.


phoenix suns: making history with a comeback?

as chayee puts it: "the sun has set for phoenix".

but are they done? i don't think so. my predictions have been wrong like matt serra beating gsp in the second fight. but it won't deter me from proclaiming that the phoenix suns will be the first nba team to make it out of a 0-3 hole.

i've said it a hundred times and i'm gonna say this again, the spurs is a different team in the playoffs. it's where they thrive. manu ginobili, tony parker, and tim duncan can enforce their will in these playoffs games. sure, they are under appreciated, but they are the best at what they do.

so what made me said that the suns can still get back in the series en route to the second round? well, it could be that i'm too hungry to think straight. or it could be because of steve nash.

this guy plays soccer.

he also won two mvp trophies. he can also take over a game if he wants to. i'm sure he wanted to take over games 1, 2 and 3. but game 4 is a different zone. it would be a game a great player would love to play in especially entering it with the possibility of being swept. and steve nash is one great player.

i'm looking for the suns to come out guns-a-blazing come game four led by nash. this guy may not be able to defend but he can shoot and pass. if he can leave defending to his teammates and give amare those great passes for easy jams and hit it from downtown they have a legit chance to make it 3-1. then, 3-2 (pressure on the suns), 3-3 (after a bad night from tony), then 3-4 to become the first nba to win after being down by three games to none.

if the suns win this series, remember that you first read it here. if not, well, am blaming it on me being hungry while writing this...and steve nash. hehehe

triple crown awaits...pick your horses with some pro help

ahhh.. smarty jones, how close you were... the kentucky derby, the preakness stakes...

no idea what i'm talking about? well, if you have been tuned in to sports news after the turn of the century, then smarty jones would have rung a bell already. how about triple crown?

yep, horse racing. for people not familiar with the triple crown, it's just like a three-peat in the nba, only that it involves horses and one can win it in a span of a little over 1 month.

the first of the triple crown races is the kentucky derby and it's just a few days away. need help betting? well, if you are looking for reliable kentucky derby picks, there's your link.

not sold yet on the doc's betting picks are you? hmmm... are you familiar with the trifecta? in the nba, that's three-point shot. in horse racing, that's correctly "guessing" which horse will "make it to the podium" in correct order. well, you see, the experts at doc's hit the trifecta last year in the preakness stakes.

the experts from doc's who come up with equally take-it-to-the-bank kentucky derby odds also hit the superfecta in last year's belmont stakes. that's predicting the first four horses to finish the race in correct order. impressive huh?

surely, these guys who i think are always having fun especially on every kentucky derby party would be aiming to hit the trifecta or even the superfecta at this year's kentucky derby.

in case you're all wondering why the shift in topic while the pistons are getting shamed by the sixers, the suns loosing again to the spurs, the hornets finally loosing to dallas in the playoffs, i'm doing this for some papers. hehehe.. and i also happen to love smarty jones.

sidenote: look for smarty jones' foals to start competing this year or early 2009.


f1 donuts?

nascar would have a burnout competition, not surprising? well, how about a formula 1 car making donuts? impossible? not really as nick heidfeld just created some donuts using bmw sauber's car.

the stunt was done for the people working for the team as a thank-you to the support that the team has been getting from its employees and fans alike. although heidfeld damaged the car's front wings while making those donuts, i'm sure he won't get into any trouble with the team boss.

burnouts at nascar all-star

the nba has the slam dunk competition, the mlb has the homerun derby, thus, it is only fitting that nascar should also have a crowd-pleasing spectacle in the all-star.

this year, five drivers will be tearing up their cars' tires in a burnout competition. the said contest is a part of nascar's all-star festivities. one driver already named to participate at the said event is clint bowyer.

i don't know about you but i'm gonna watch out for this. :D

complete report here.

mavs crushed in game 2; chris paul breaks franchise record

chris paul will finish not lower than second in the MVP balloting in my humble opinion. and if people who voted for kobe did so because they were not sure how cp3 would fare in the playoffs, they must be shaking thier heads. i bet chayee won't agree. hehehe

but even the most loyal kobe bryant fan would agree that chris paul had two mvp-caliber performances in his first two career playoffs game. the feisty guard from wake forest broke the franchise record for assists in a single regulation playoffs game after dishing out 17 helpers in the game 2 of the series between the new orleans hornets and the dallas mavericks.

the next two games will be in dallas and surely, avery johnson would be doing everything in his power to win the two games at home. dirk nowitzki, josh howard, jason terry, jerry stackhouse, jason kidd, big names with great skills. but somehow, they cannot come up with an answer to cp3's dominance in the series.

i'm rooting for the hornets and i hope that they can win the next game. am not looking beyond that though. geaux hornets!


suns vs. spurs game 2: it's a blowout

the suns gambled in obtaining the services of shaq to help them get past the san antonio spurs. much has been said about this so i'm no longer going there. the series between the suns and the spurs will be shifting to arizona with the spurs holding a 2-0 advantage after manu and tony took over game 2 of the series.

how would the suns fare in their homecourt and what would be the key to finally winning a game in this series? well, i don't know really as i'm no expert. again, am just typing here what comes to mind.

first off, shaq is no longer the stud that he was with the lakers or the heat in his first season there. but, the big guy can neutralize tim duncan by matching him point for point. sure, timmy's a better perimeter shooter than shaq, but shaq owns him in the paint. so, shaq should get the ball where he can easily score. he may not be as fast as he once was but his size and strength would no doubt give him that distinct advantage inside the paint against any one in the san antonio lineup.

this series, or at least the first two games just shows that the san antonio ballclub becomes an entirely different team come playoffs time. if they can sweep the spurs, then they have a really good chance of finally winning a back to back title. :D

benny the bull to be sued over "flagrant foul"

this has got to be one of the weirdest thing to happen in the nba this season. yep, its even weirder than the rockets winning 22 straight games, weirder than the hornets making the plaoffs.

according to yahoo! sports, benny the bull, the chicago bulls' mascot moonlighting as an ordinary person going by the name of barry anderson is being sued by dr. don kalant sr. after the mascot allegedly pulled kalant's arm as the mascot was falling down. before the accident, kalant rasied his arm to get a high-five from benny.

kalant, an oral surgeon complained that when benny pulled his arms, it was hyperextended resulting to a torn biceps muscle. what's weird is that kalant finished the game before having his arms attended to. i'm not a doctor nor have i experienced tearing a bicep muscle but i think that it should hurt. now, the bulls are not exactly playing great basketball towards the end of the season so i am not sure why kalant would have had stayed to watch the game with a torn bicep muscle.

look's like the dentist will be out for the season eh?


cleveland cavs vs. washington wizards game 2: wizards dominated

gilbert arenas a.k.a. agent zero and deshawn stevenson had their fun with words before the series between the wizards and the cavs started. but the wizards now looked like a team that can beat boston three times but does not have what it takes to beat lebron and co.

in game 2 of the series, the cavs crushed the wizards to take a 2-game advantage before the series moves to washington. lebron had a near triple-double with 30 points, 12 assists and 9 rebounds. the cavs recorded their best game in the playoffs with a 30-point beating of the wizards, 116-86.

the wizards' "big three" of arenas, caron butler and antawn jamison failed to rise to the occasion as they were held to just 28 points by the cavs.

with this series looking to be more and more dismal for the wizards after caling out lebron james, i would not be surprised if the king takes over in games 3 and 4 to secure a sweep.


boston celtics vs. atlanta hawks: hawks outclassed

the atlanta hawks is by no means a bad or a poor team. but when paired up against the boston celtics the hawks look really inferior. game of the best-of-seven series between the two ballclubs saw the celtics winning 104-81.

much has been said about the celtics like their bench stepping up and the big three playing like they have been together for years. in game 1 of the series, paul pierce, jesus shuttlesworth, and kevin garnett need only play for not more than 35 minutes to beat the hawks.

the big ticket scored 16 and grabbed 10 rebounds for the celtics while rookie al horford proved that he belongs in the nba with a 20-point 10-rebound playoffs debut to lead the hawks.

with the way the celtics manhandled the hawks, i would not be surprised if the celtics sweep the series.

detroit pistons vs. philadelphia 76ers game 1: sixers won

before the tip-off, a lot of people must have been saying that there is no way the 76ers would continue their stunning run into the playoffs especially against a team like the detroit pistons. the sixers proved though that they are for real (or at least for one playoff game) after defeating the pistons 90-86 in game 1.

andre miller led the 76ers with 20 points while rasheed wallace led the pistons with 24 points.

although the pistons are ready to take on the young 76ers team, they were inconsistent. that enabled the sixers to keep moving in for the kill, which eventually they did. with one win in michigan, the sixers may have had achieved one of their goals in the playoffs.

predictions predictions...

this series would be a roller coaster ride. if iguodala does not choke, look for the sixers to take this series.

los angeles lakers vs. denver nuggets game 1: kobe, gasol teamed up for the win

i was expecting the series between the lakers and the denver nuggets to be a high-scoring affair. well, they did not disappoint as kobe bryant and pau gasol came up with great performances to draw first blood, 127-114, in their series with the eighth-seeded denver nuggets.

gasol scored 36 and grabbed 16 boards while kobe scored 18 of his 32 points in the last eight minutes to put the game away. kobe bryant, arguably the best individual player in the game is looking to get past the first round of the playoffs for the first time since shaq left for miami. the past years without shaq, kobe was without a really strong supporting cast.

this year, the lakers saw andrew bynum stepping up his game. although the youngster is not suiting up yet for the playoffs, he is one of the reasons for the early success of the lakers this season. kobe also has gasol now and the spaniard's game 1 performance just shows how tough the lakers are. still, i'm rooting for the nuggets.

orlando magic vs. toronto raptors game 1: magic dominates

lebron scored 32, chris paul scored 35, tim duncan had 40, dwight howard has 25 in his team's series opener. by looking at the scoring output only, one might think that dwight howard
did not dominate the raptors as the three aforementioned stars did to their first round opponents.

but that's not really the case as howard really imposed his will on the outmatched toronto raptors. the guy grabbed 22 rebounds and swatted away five shots. if that's not dominating then i don't know what is. howard's great game led to the magic taking game 1 of the series with a 114-100 win over the visiting toronto raptors.

howard's dominance in the paint is coupled with rashard lewis brilliant defense. while lewis is known more for his offense, he showed that he can play some D after containing all-star forward chris bosh for most of the game. bosh only made 4 out of 11 field goal attempts. the rest of his 21 points came in from the free throw line where he was 13 for 13.

the magic will be looking to win another game in their homecourt before the series goes north of the border.


utah jazz vs. houston rockets game 1: jazz won

with a double-double from deron williams and carlos boozer, the utah jazz beat the houston rockets 93-82 in their series opener. the jazz also received a lot of support from andrei kirilenko who led the team in scoring.

williams scored 20 points and dished out ten assists while boozer scored 20 and grabbed 16 rebounds.

the rockets are already without yao ming going to the playoffs. the rockets are also without rafer alston in the series opener. although tracy mcgrady scored 20 and had 7 assists and luis scola scored 14 and grabbed 13 rebounds, it was not enough to propel the rockets over the jazz. shane battier led the rockets with 22 points.

gsp beats serra in ufc 83

ok, i was wrong..

in the first fight between gsp and serra, the new yorker got the best of gsp. but georges st. pierre has come back from that loss to reclaim the gold that he lost. at ufc 83, the second fight between these two warriors was stopped by the ref after multiple knees by gsp to serra's side in the second round.

props to five ounces of pain for the coverage and for jolly for the live updates.

with gsp proving that he is one of the best in mma, i'm looking forward to a possible match between him and the spider.

update: check out this video of georges st. pierre versus matt serra II.

calzaghe beats hopkins

hopkins talked the talk and he walked the walked, but at the end of the day, it was not enough to upset the visiting welsh warrior joe calzaghe.

hopkins knocked down calzaghe in the first round but it was not enough to keep calzaghe down. the welsh fighter found his rhythm after the first round knockdown and became the aggressor with hopkins employing the punch and clinch strategy.

calzaghe would go on to drop a tired hopkins by the tenth round. although calzaghe could have had finished hopkins with rock-hard lefts but the wily hopkins held on to calzaghe.

according to the sweet science, the three judges scored it 114-113 for hopkins, 115-112 for calzaghe, and 116-111 for calzaghe. the welsh fighter remains undefeated and showed the world why he is one of today's best fighters.

michael bisping rocks mccarthy, won ufc 83 fight

michael bisping has been disrespected by charles mccarthy and he paid for it. in their ufc 83 encounter, mccarthy only lasted a round. bisping rocked mccarthy with knees just before the end of round 1. the ref stopped the fight and bisping showed mccarthy why he needs to stop dissing people who can beat him up good. hehehe...

complete results here. (yup, it would cover the GSP-Serra fight).

tim duncan sinks rare three to force 2OT : san antonio spurs beat phoenix suns

tim duncan is not known for his outside shooting. well, he can shoot it with the best of them in the preimeter but this guy has never taken a lot of threes in his career. he doesn't need to since he's got a great inside game.

but when the san antonio spurs needed a three, tim duncan proved that he is indeed clutch as he sank a three with seconds left to force a second overtime. the spurs would go on to beat the phoenix suns 117-115.

tim duncan finished with 40 points, eclipsing lebron james' 32-point outing as well as chris paul's 35 points for the hornets. the big man also grabbed 15 rebounds and dished out 5 assists. tony parker scored 26 and manu ginobili scored 24 off the bench. michael finley added 13 for the spurs.

the game would have gone to a third overtime if not for ginobili who, with 15 seconds drive to the basket and made a layup.

amare stoudemire led the suns with 33 points but fouled out in the first overtime period. shaq was in foul trouble for most of the game and only finished with 11 points and 5 rebounds. steve nash had a great game finishing with 25 points and 13 assists.

the suns will be looking to take one game in san antonio before the series goes to phoenix for games 3 and 4 of the best-of-seven series.