ewing jr. shipped to new york knicks

this space in teh internetz has been forsaken as of late due to the author's busy schedule or laziness (i'm betting on the latter). before this space lose its page rank, i decided it's time once again to update it and start with ewing going back to the new york knicks.

patrick ewing, (the junior version that is) has been shipped by the houston rockets to the knicks in exchange for the rights to frederic weis. weis if you remember is the french 7-footer drafted in 1999 but never played in the nba. and oh yeah, he was on the receiving end of vince carter's dunk of death.

ewing was drafted this year by the sacramento kings in the second round and was shipped to the rockets in the ron artest trade earlier. now this gets a little interesting as frederic weis was picked 15th overall by the knicks in 1999 even though ron artest was still available. sure, only a handful of people back then had an idea that artest would be one of the best lockdown defenders in the nba but he is from queens and new york fans were angered by the fact that the knicks picked the french guy over a player from their own state. so, artest and weis has a history in a matter of speaking and this trade adds another chapter to that.

for knicks fans such as this writer, i hope that ewing jr. will be a good addition to the team. that is not guaranteed though as the younger ewing is not even assured of a spot in the knicks' roster as they have now one player more than the maximum.

if we look at this as a symbolism, donnie walsh is exorcising the franchise's ghost in weis and adding a name knicks fans associate with the good times of new york basketball.