my new sport

being sports-minded, i'm always open to try new sports as long as i can cram it into my busy schedule. so, after the green team was eliminated from our basketball tournament, i decided to give airsoft a go.

egged on by my officemates jad, lenard, and john, i purchased my own AEG, a type of airsoft gun. i bought mine from sir sonny and i must say that i am truly impressed with the thompson m1a1 i got from him. so for all filipinos out there looking for a trusted seller of airsoft guns in the philippines, i would definitely recommend sir sonny. i have yet to take a good pic of my tommy gun so i'm gonna post more pictures of it here later on. for now, all i got is this:
although a newbie or greenhorn or a rookie (or whatever they call newcomers to the sport), i have already participated in a large-scale game. it was the jungle blizzard in iriga city. i did not come prepared for the said game as i do not have vests or battle dress uniform for that matter. but i managed to score two knife kills (wOOt!) hehehe...

i'm also thinking about buying a pistol and having a guitar case redesigned to carry my gun as it's quite bulky and would not fit into my montanara daypack. but with no funds yet, i have to settle on carrying it around on a guitar case padded with my jacket and other stuff. and since i don't know what to add further, am gonna cut this rant right here. ehehe