the melbourne cup awaits the next legend

in australia, even people who are not into horse racing know who phar lap is. for those who are not familiar with phar lap, here's a good article to read. among phar lap's accomplishments is winning "the race that stops a nation", the Melbourne Cup.

another horse that can be considered as a legend in the said race is makybe diva who won the prestigious Melbourne Cup three times. and the next legendary horse that will come out of Australia would definitely have to win the race even against long Melbourne Cup odds.

while the triple crown may be the most popular series of events in horse racing, one should not discount the Melbourne Cup as a lesser event. for more than one hundred years, the said event has squeezed great performances from horses. and this year i expect it to be better.

while most people will be attending the Melbourne Cup for the racing, some people would go there for the race and fashion. you see, at the Melbourne Cup, they have this award given to the best-dressed attendee.

but for most australians, the race is about the betting. most of the country's populace bet on Melbourne Cup. and of course, for more information about the odds at the said race, there is one place i would recommend and you can visit it here.