marcus camby traded to the l.a. clippers

in a move done to clear cap space, marcus camby found himself dealt to the l.a. clippers for what could be nothing. you see, in the trade, the clippers got camby in exchange for a future conditional second-round draft pick. if next year, the denver nuggets get to pick ahead of the clippers in the second round, they would surely not avail of the compensation.

that would make dave winfield, the mlb outfielder traded for dinner, more valuable than camby. hehehe..

but seriously, i think that the addition of camby in the clippers' lineup makes the clip a stronger one although some might not categorize them as playoff contenders yet. with the starting lineup of cuttino mobley, baron davis, al thornton, camby, and chris kaman who came from a breakout season, i think the clippers would be even better than the nuggets.

sure, my predictions have been busted time and time again, but with the new look of the clippers for the next season, and being a big fan of camby since his new york days, i kinda have this feeling that they will be surprising a lot of people this upcoming season.