Excited To Try Google's New Web Browser

folks, this post is not about sports. this is about google taking on microsoft's internet explorer and mozilla's firefox. you see, apart from sports, i am also into the whole world wide web thingy. hehehe..

i love my firefox but i'm really excited to try google's new web browser called "chrome". it's not that i'm unhappy with firefox but i just want to give this new browser a try. for more, check out this official post on google's official blog: official google blog: a fresh take on the browser

and for the story with illustration (read: comic strip) click here. after reading the said strip, i became even more excited to try this browser. google said it will be available to download in 100 countries on tuesday. it's already tuesday here in the philippines so i'm just gonna wait around and see if i can score me a chrome today. hehehe...