randy couture back in the ufc, will fight brock lesnar

after affliction made the match between fedor and tim sylvia earlier this year, i thought fedor would be an irresistible bait for randy couture to join affliction's next show. but i was proven wrong as randy has now rejoined the ufc. now, would fedor finally jump to the ufc? god i hope so.

couture's first fight after ironing out his differences with the ufc management will be against wwe's next big thing. yup! it's couture vs. lesnar, november 15, mgm grand, las vegas... mark that down folks. this is a battle which holds a lot of promise.

after beating heath herring, lesnar finally proved that he belongs in the ufc. but with only 3 mma fights under his belt, will the 31 year old be able to fight the natural, captain america himself, randy effin' couture? we'll see soon enough.

now at 45, couture can be considered ancient especially that he is in a sport which takes a lot of toll on one's body. but after his battles with the best that mma or the ufc has to offer, we all know that this guy can fight. so i'm not betting yet against the natural.

if lesnar choose to trade punches with couture, i'm sure randy would oblige. if brock wants the fight on the ground, couture can fight there too. but then again, come november 15, randy couture will not only be fighting brock lesnar, he will also be fighting father time. now, i'm starting to favor brock.

now, predictions predictions... i want couture to win but i think brock will be too much for him to handle...