my first post using google's chrome

yay! after hours and hours of waiting, finally, i got to download google's new web browser, Chrome. and my first impression is that it's effin' awesome. what i first noticed about using chrome is that it makes my monitor look bigger than it really is.

it is true what google said that you would not even notice the browser. while using chrome, you might not even notice the navigation toolbar. one thing that i'm not totally pleased about chrome is that there seems to be no way (yet) to install a google toolbar in the browser.

so, from now on, i'd be using firefox 3 for business and chrome for pleasure since i can't add an seopen toolbar in chrome. hope google (or anyone for that matter) can come up with a way to add the google toolbar and the seopen toolbar to this new web browser.

update: click the chrome logo to download the newest (& fastest?) browser in town.