triple crown awaits...pick your horses with some pro help

ahhh.. smarty jones, how close you were... the kentucky derby, the preakness stakes...

no idea what i'm talking about? well, if you have been tuned in to sports news after the turn of the century, then smarty jones would have rung a bell already. how about triple crown?

yep, horse racing. for people not familiar with the triple crown, it's just like a three-peat in the nba, only that it involves horses and one can win it in a span of a little over 1 month.

the first of the triple crown races is the kentucky derby and it's just a few days away. need help betting? well, if you are looking for reliable kentucky derby picks, there's your link.

not sold yet on the doc's betting picks are you? hmmm... are you familiar with the trifecta? in the nba, that's three-point shot. in horse racing, that's correctly "guessing" which horse will "make it to the podium" in correct order. well, you see, the experts at doc's hit the trifecta last year in the preakness stakes.

the experts from doc's who come up with equally take-it-to-the-bank kentucky derby odds also hit the superfecta in last year's belmont stakes. that's predicting the first four horses to finish the race in correct order. impressive huh?

surely, these guys who i think are always having fun especially on every kentucky derby party would be aiming to hit the trifecta or even the superfecta at this year's kentucky derby.

in case you're all wondering why the shift in topic while the pistons are getting shamed by the sixers, the suns loosing again to the spurs, the hornets finally loosing to dallas in the playoffs, i'm doing this for some papers. hehehe.. and i also happen to love smarty jones.

sidenote: look for smarty jones' foals to start competing this year or early 2009.