los angeles lakers vs. denver nuggets game 1: kobe, gasol teamed up for the win

i was expecting the series between the lakers and the denver nuggets to be a high-scoring affair. well, they did not disappoint as kobe bryant and pau gasol came up with great performances to draw first blood, 127-114, in their series with the eighth-seeded denver nuggets.

gasol scored 36 and grabbed 16 boards while kobe scored 18 of his 32 points in the last eight minutes to put the game away. kobe bryant, arguably the best individual player in the game is looking to get past the first round of the playoffs for the first time since shaq left for miami. the past years without shaq, kobe was without a really strong supporting cast.

this year, the lakers saw andrew bynum stepping up his game. although the youngster is not suiting up yet for the playoffs, he is one of the reasons for the early success of the lakers this season. kobe also has gasol now and the spaniard's game 1 performance just shows how tough the lakers are. still, i'm rooting for the nuggets.