calzaghe beats hopkins

hopkins talked the talk and he walked the walked, but at the end of the day, it was not enough to upset the visiting welsh warrior joe calzaghe.

hopkins knocked down calzaghe in the first round but it was not enough to keep calzaghe down. the welsh fighter found his rhythm after the first round knockdown and became the aggressor with hopkins employing the punch and clinch strategy.

calzaghe would go on to drop a tired hopkins by the tenth round. although calzaghe could have had finished hopkins with rock-hard lefts but the wily hopkins held on to calzaghe.

according to the sweet science, the three judges scored it 114-113 for hopkins, 115-112 for calzaghe, and 116-111 for calzaghe. the welsh fighter remains undefeated and showed the world why he is one of today's best fighters.