calzaghe vs. hopkins

april 19, undefeated and undisputed super middleweight champion joe calzaghe wil face former undisputed middleweight champ, and the ring light heavyweight champion bernard hopkins in las vegas.

if you haven't heard of calzaghe, i blame you not as this guy made a name for himself in the uk. while hopkins ridicules calzaghe's opponents, no one can deny that calzaghe's going undefeated in 18 years is impressive. in fact, it's even more impressive than the rockets' longest winning streak.

hopkins is 43 years old and looks like 43. he may have had beaten winky wright but this does not make him any younger. while calzaghe is not young at 36, the pride of welsh will have the upper hand in terms of youth. experience-wise, calzaghe is not far behind hopkins.

predictions predictions...

calzaghe is faster, hopkins talks more trash (by a mile), calzaghe's jump into light heavyweight could mean a meaner punch, hopkins is sometimes crafty and sometimes downright crude. in the end though, calzaghe can match hopkins' skill. so i'd go with calzaghe with a stoppage in 7 or less...