cleveland cavs vs. washington wizards game 2: wizards dominated

gilbert arenas a.k.a. agent zero and deshawn stevenson had their fun with words before the series between the wizards and the cavs started. but the wizards now looked like a team that can beat boston three times but does not have what it takes to beat lebron and co.

in game 2 of the series, the cavs crushed the wizards to take a 2-game advantage before the series moves to washington. lebron had a near triple-double with 30 points, 12 assists and 9 rebounds. the cavs recorded their best game in the playoffs with a 30-point beating of the wizards, 116-86.

the wizards' "big three" of arenas, caron butler and antawn jamison failed to rise to the occasion as they were held to just 28 points by the cavs.

with this series looking to be more and more dismal for the wizards after caling out lebron james, i would not be surprised if the king takes over in games 3 and 4 to secure a sweep.