michael schumacher to drive in bahrain, fia president max mosley should resign

michael schumacher will be back for the bahrain grand prix, paddock talk reported. the reason why the seven-time world champ will race once again is that brazilian felipe massa injured his wrist at the malaysian grand prix.

now, people wanted to see how lewis hamilton would fare against the great schumi and come raceday, we will see just how can the youngster match up against the legendary driver. also, kimi would now be driving the same car as schumacher and we will see just who the better driver is (or at least i hope so).

people who will watch the bahrain gp because of the "interest" brought on by the FIA president max mosley will be in for a treat as schumacher will be looking to put ferrari back on top of this year's constructors' championship.

in other formula one news, FIA president Max Mosley is under fire after this. regarding this issue, the times reported:

"Among car manufacturers involved in Formula One there was particular disgust in Germany where BMW and Mercedes-Benz are based, over the Nazi element in Mr Mosley’s conduct. The story is also believed to have dismayed senior figures in the Japanese companies, Toyota and Honda, who have strict rules on personal and official morality.

One leading figure in a Japanese Formula One team said he did not believe it was possible for Mr Mosley to continue and that the groundswell of feeling against him would grow, not ebb away, as the week progressed. “It’s a credibility and judgment issue – fantasising about one of the greatest tragedies of the 20th century is obviously completely inappropriate".