benny the bull to be sued over "flagrant foul"

this has got to be one of the weirdest thing to happen in the nba this season. yep, its even weirder than the rockets winning 22 straight games, weirder than the hornets making the plaoffs.

according to yahoo! sports, benny the bull, the chicago bulls' mascot moonlighting as an ordinary person going by the name of barry anderson is being sued by dr. don kalant sr. after the mascot allegedly pulled kalant's arm as the mascot was falling down. before the accident, kalant rasied his arm to get a high-five from benny.

kalant, an oral surgeon complained that when benny pulled his arms, it was hyperextended resulting to a torn biceps muscle. what's weird is that kalant finished the game before having his arms attended to. i'm not a doctor nor have i experienced tearing a bicep muscle but i think that it should hurt. now, the bulls are not exactly playing great basketball towards the end of the season so i am not sure why kalant would have had stayed to watch the game with a torn bicep muscle.

look's like the dentist will be out for the season eh?