orlando magic vs. toronto raptors game 1: magic dominates

lebron scored 32, chris paul scored 35, tim duncan had 40, dwight howard has 25 in his team's series opener. by looking at the scoring output only, one might think that dwight howard
did not dominate the raptors as the three aforementioned stars did to their first round opponents.

but that's not really the case as howard really imposed his will on the outmatched toronto raptors. the guy grabbed 22 rebounds and swatted away five shots. if that's not dominating then i don't know what is. howard's great game led to the magic taking game 1 of the series with a 114-100 win over the visiting toronto raptors.

howard's dominance in the paint is coupled with rashard lewis brilliant defense. while lewis is known more for his offense, he showed that he can play some D after containing all-star forward chris bosh for most of the game. bosh only made 4 out of 11 field goal attempts. the rest of his 21 points came in from the free throw line where he was 13 for 13.

the magic will be looking to win another game in their homecourt before the series goes north of the border.